Tomorrow I Wouldn't Date with Yasterday's You, Neither Next Week nor Next Month nor Next Year

'One for sorrow, two for joy, three for girl.. three for girl. I'm stuck on three, I just can't get any further. My Head is thick with sounds, my mouth thick with blood. Three for girl.' 

Um, actually I just cite those sentences from Paula Hawkins' book, The Girl On The TrainI'm stuck right there, on the three, in the middle of nowhere. I haven't finished reading that book yet, and this post is nothing to do with that book. This post will be just about the story of broken hearted man, which is based on true story as well. There are some 'broken hearted' stories on this blog that categorized as daily life stories, and I think this story will be the last of them. You know, the writer of this blog just getting tired of bullshit and started to think if broken heart is immature.

Since going to college, I've found at least three attractive girls. I was growing apart before growing together with a girl in first semester, and the rest of them have a similarities: blonde whose already taken and crazy of a group of six-pack man that cant stop dancing and dancing. Aigo... Mujigae.. Ssikkek.. Korean bbq.. It feels like I've been cursed since the second semester. It feels like those blondes just give me mysterious codes to solve and when I solved those codes, the result come up with the holy spirit that whisper to me softly.. 

"Hi human, she has a boyfriend. You can't approached her, dont follow that snakeee... dont eat that appleee...."

Praise to the lord.

The substance of this broken hearted story is on the third girl. I wont describe her as a fat or thin, yellow or white or black, and I wont tell if this girl is in the same departement with me or not. I'll just go with very attractive girl which may be an introvert, smart but doesn't talk too much. 

She's kind of lifetime learner..

Have y'all watched the Japanese romance movie entitled "Tomorrow I Will Date with Yasterday's You?" I just want to tell y'all if the movie is worth to watch, and.. somehow the actress looks like 'the third girl' of my story. Actually idk if they are really look alike or maybe when you really like a girl, everybody around you can be look like her. What I know is, this is a broken hearted story about man who fell for someone else's. 

So, this girl is kind of lifetime learner. I mean, she loves to used her self-taught skills,  universe call it 'autodidact'. Some people around me said she is proficient in learning foreign language autodidactically.  Nope, not yet, I'm not impressed just because 'learning foreign lenguage autodidactically'. The thing is, she's kind of mysterious. She's smart whether in academic or in foreign lenguage, but she doesn't talk too much. This is interesting, you know, usually a girl with intelligence and capability like her will become ambitious or at least 'one level higher' than doesn't talk too much. 

A penny for my thoughts, well I am super curious. I always think the worst case scenarios in order to answer the question 'why is this intelligence girl doesnt talk too much?' First, maybe she's an introvert and enjoy being introverted. Second, maybe she has a dark past such as a traumatic problem, or third.. maybe she's psychopath and she loves to play 'Gone Girl' or 'Black Swan'. Or.... maybe she can see the ghost? I'm lost, I have no idea. Actually she's not very quiet or hate to socializing person, she just doesnt talk too much. Maybe  she just wont talk too much to a person that she recgonized as a stranger. And that's how I see her as an attractive girl, mysterious and challenging. Moreover, her smile made me feel at home whenever I staring at her secretly. 

You are the security dilemma to my polarity

When you really like someone, you will be more sensitive.  You will be more susceptible to some issues about her either in the context of joking or serious. And for sure, when you really like someone, you will intentionally or accidentally identify a 'potential rival' for yourself. Well, identifying potential rivals for me in this case has successfully driven me to a security dilemma of my world. Actually there are many conspiracies about my security dilemma. Idk it's just me or indeed there are some potential rivals near me, included my close friends and some boys that Idk who are they. 

It will be very easy for me to identify the person I like as the solution of my problem; Such as, you are the balance of power to my security dilemma, or you are the only choice of my comparative advantages. But believe me, it will be super awkward and uncomfortable when you identify your friends as the problem of your solution. You will become super realist: man is evil, but his friends are more evil..

Ah, everything can be happen in a day, no exception for giving her up or give up on her because of your friends. It's true when the legend argue that if you really like a girl, you'd be happy for her when you see her finding her mr right. But... in one condition: her mr. right IS NOT YOUR FCKING FRIEND! Thankyou. 

Here we go, love rain is not falling down
umbrella teduh
You know sometimes, if you want to get a girl to like you, you have got to be that somebody she wants. Not directly becoming an imitation of her idol, but at least you need to show her if.. you have a same taste as her. By doing that, there is a probability for you to indoctrine the girl and make her think, 'woah, this guy have a same thought with me about 'something'." 

Well it'll become character assassination for guy, but sometimes it works. If y'all still don't get me, just watch the video below...


Driven from the probability for indoctrine a girl by liking what she likes, I started to try to get her attention by changing my Line's header (chat app) with Korean drama scene. The scene is when Yoona was shaded by Jang Geun Suk in the drama entitled 'Love Rain'. Some people might be think.. 'what the heck, this guy using korean drama as his pict.' But what I Think is.. This girl likes Korea -> She probably likes Korean Drama -> I've seen Korean drama entitled Love Rain and Master's sun -> Since she looks so feminine she probably watched Love Rain ->  I'll change my Line's header to Love Rain -> Once I'm in the same class group as her we'll be in the same Line's group and then she looks my profile and then she'll think, 'woah, this guy have a same taste with me." -> Love Rain is falling down! 

Not yet, not the climax yet. The climax is when I put umberella in my bag with an expectation: there will be a scene just like that drama. So when I walking towards building a from building b or vice versa, I will meet her when she feel hesitant, can't move, afraid of getting wet, because of rain. And I'll bring out my umberella, open it right in front of her face and then I'll say to her, "Hi, do you want umberella and chill?" And then.. Love Rain is falling down. I know that's despicable, but that's kind of enthusiasm..... at least until I know the pathetic fact about her. 

The fact is, Love Rain probably wont falling down because she probably has a boyfriend. I repeat, a boyfriend. One afternoon I relaized there's something wrong with her profile pict. There's a boy! and I did my research! and I've found the fact if he can't be her brother neither cousin nor father nor just friend. There are only 2 options: a.) boyfriend, or b.) still candidate. What I Know is, c.) Love Rain wont falling down. 


So immature

A sustainable broken heart is so immature. Mature man dont staring at the past too long, and mature man dont fck with 'cry over spilt milk'. After several stories of broken heart on this blog, I think this post will be the last story of them. Sure, broken heart represents sincerity, but it doesnt cover the fact if sustainable broken heart is so immature. 'One for sorrow, two for joy, three for girl..' Why does broken hearted man stuck on the three? Because many of them are immature. It becomes very unwise for man when they cry over spilt milk with a fairly long period of time. Mature man don't blame the situation, mature man don't hold grudges, so.. young lex, I mean young kids, lets become mature.   


  1. I was been lucky enought to never had a broken heart. My BF wasn't lucky to say that. My question is why always good guys fall in love with bad girls? Often, good girl is by yourside try to make you happy and maybe have feelings for this boy but he don't see it. I know it sound like some movie scene. It is OK to have a broken heart learn from it and take the best of it to learn and move on, you don't know what is it around the corner ;)

    1. Hello there..

      you are the first foreigner that commented on my blog, and I soooo appreciated it (although it's because of Facebook). Thankyou for the motivation, but actually she's not a bad girl, just someone else's :")

  2. Very interesting. I will have to check out that movie that you mentioned. I have suffered plenty of broken hearts. A great read!

  3. A pretty heartfelt read! I personaly think that its bgoing through the experience of a broken heart plays an important part to become stronger and a better judge of character, in other words more mature !

    1. yap, a part of reflection and become stronger.

  4. Kenapa komennya jd pada nulis bhs bule gini Jev :p hihihi.. Okelah, aku setuju, stlh beberapa kali ngerasain broken heart zaman sekolah dulu :p, itu memang tingkah laku immature :p. Aku malu kalo inget apa yg aku lakuin pas broken heart. Ya ampun plis, jgn ada temenku yg inget -_-.. Padahal kalo dipikir skr, gila ajaaaa, emg cowo cuma dia sampe aku bisa nangis bombay segitunya hahahaha..

    Eh, tp, dulu aku malah suka sama co, yg karakter ato hobinya beda loh Jev. Pernah ngerasain ama yg 1 hobi, 1 sifat, hasilnya ga lama.. Krn aku bosen. Ga ada tantangannya.. Tp dgn pacaran ama org yg beda dr kita, justru ada variasi :D. Suamiku aja 100% sifatnya vertolak belakang ama aku. Kita sering ribut, tp buatku, itu jd bumbu tantangannya :p.

    1. Iya mbak, habis gabung group blogger luar.. isinya bule-bule yang posting pake english semua, ehehehe. Well, menarik sih kalau bisa cocok walaupun karakter beda. Soalnya, kadang kalau karakter beda -> cara berpikir beda, kalau cara berpikir beda -> ribut melulu...