Kind of New Place for Wake Up

Roses are red, violets are blue.

..and my new bedroom is cream-coloured, actually.

Legend says, waking up to see another day is a blessing. The thing is, don't you get bored find yourself sleeping and waking up in the same place for multi-digit years? With the same scenery, more or less. I mean, bedroom is not only a room where we're sleep or wake up, but also a room for doing a lot of random activities. Therefore, it's quite wise to juggling our bedroom becomes very comfortable.

At the end of last year, I was spend a lot of time to keep an eye on workmans at home. Drill sound, spiked nails sound, sound of crying-wall-getting beaten up, all of these sounds hammered my head. They all renovating the 3rd floor of my house as well as the first floor, and well this 3rd floor is the new place where I'll sleeping, dreaming, and waking up everyday. 

Formerly this 3rd floor isn't oftenly used, probably just for dry the wet clothes. Unfortunately, this floor is broad enough for just drying wet clothes. Since there are 2 unused rooms on this floor, I've decided to moved to this floor, alone. It will be fun, I'm trying to realizing my new year's resolution to start a new adventure at the age of 20 at the same time. You know, new year, new place for whether sleeping, or dreaming or waking up or doing home work or blogging and writing as well. Because new year x new me just too general, I'll make it more specifically with new year new bedroom. 

There always be ghost story on the top floor

There will always be story of ghost on the top floor. IDK why, but it seems like ghosts love a place that is seldom touched by the homeowners, and usually the top floor does. Or maybe the ghosts love to make a kingdom on the highest place in our home.  The same thing also applies to the house of my friend. Since the top floor in my house is the 3rd floor where I'll stay and do a lot of activities, I think it'll be fun if one of them making contact and give me an interesting story to be told. Because since I used to be watched a lot of thai & korean horror movies back then, I've never had a creepy-thrilling-suspense experience.   

But, actually there are several incidents on this 3rd floor of mine back then. Invisible footsteps, the sound of closed doors when there was no one, a gust of wind coming from nowhere, but who cares? I'm the owner of this house, it should be those who are afraid of me not the opposite. After this 3r floor being inhabited to sleep and do a lot of activities for several days, I think I haven't experienced any disturbances. It seems the already know who's the boss. 

It's my room

After the renovation, it's finally my new room. Those two rooms were made into one, and I was quite busy to buy several stuffs in the marketplace such as wall sticker, dart, even whiteboard, and also frames. I almost forgot, there's also a self-styled-pull-up-bar.

supp, the dry was the first book I read  in 2018, anyway
another side, mini working-thinking-making strategies place
I loved the new room. There are some stuffs that doesn't exist in the previous room such as the dart, whiteboard, ordinary bookshelf and those frames as well. The working area is simply perfect. Somehow, creating a strategy using whiteboard in your own room is more sensible than digitaly using notepad or others. A framework of essay/article, or maybe our schedules as a reminder, they all part of 'what to do' strategies, basically. 

The thing is, it's quite easy to looking after your room as long as you got the atmosphere of  'new'. If that new doesn't new anymore, I dont know whether I will still have the desire to take care of that room or not. Just wait until this new room would be in disarray, let it be son, let it be. 

my fav one, definitely

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  1. Aku sukaaaa wall sticker yg gambar map :D. Jd pgn beli juga utk di kamar, supaya makin semangat traveling :D.

    Ada niat udh lama pgn renov kamar, utk anak ntr kalo udh bisa tidur sendiri. Masa nempel emak bapaknya trus :p.