It's Just Hard to Say "Love" to Our Parents, Right?

After 20 years got out of my mother's womb, I just realized something: I never said love to my parents. I mean both, mother and father. I don't know, maybe because Asian culture. Unlike the western, It's just so awkward for Asian to say 'I Love You' to our parents, right? It's better for us to express love than say it.

It’s also funny when it’s just too easy to saying love to our soulmate rather than saying it to our parents. Yeah, it’s really funny when we’re easily say love to ‘other people’ creation rather than our ‘creator’. Asian is awesome.

So, I got 2 evidences here to prove that it’s just hard to say love to our parents. Whether it’s to our father or our mother. First evidence is from the ABC, and the second one is from Indonesian. I bet you’ll like it, believe me. Here’s the first one:


It will be easier for a daughter to express love to parents in words rather than for son. You know, it sounds normal when a girl saying I love you to her dad or mom, but it's a bit awkward for a guy saying I love you to his dad. It's man on man love, just awkward. It'll be like.. "Hi man I love you", and then our dad replied.. "I love you too, man".

It's interesting to await our parents respond when we said love to them on phone. For some moments it feels funny, for some moments it's dramatic. Just like that video above. In fact, dad will take our expression easily while mother will be a bit serious, just like the second video:


Girl are always easy to say love, sealed the deal. It's a natural law for girl, they could do an awkward thing but still considered as a normal thing. I love both videos, those videos showed me the thing that I wouldn't do at least within this timeframe. I probably do that kind of thing in the right moment, such as wedding or.. IDK. Mother's Day or Father's Day aren't strong enough to make an Asian in initiative saying love to his/her parents.

The point is, no matter what race we are, Asian or not, saying love to our parents actually is an important thing. As long as they are still there, you know. Because when they gone, we'll never know what it's like to say love to our own parents. It's not important whether we say it on parents day or not, because mother or father day just a platfoam or moment for us to say love without feeling awkward. Sure, express love with an action is better than just with words. But, that doesn't mean saying love to our parents is unnecessary, right?   

So, if you're just realized you never said 'that kind of thing' to your parents too, just make a plan to say it at the right moment. Before you can never say it. 


  1. I know ABC term!

    Yah gue gak harus seheboh ini sih, cuma notice aja banyak video youtube mengenai ABC (American Born Chinese) and Mainlanders, hehe.

    Anyway related to this topic, I don't agree, personally. Because as long as I can remember I don't have any hesitation to express my love, whether it's verbally or with action, to them. There's no cringy feeling etc etc. Maybe because my mother is the most expressive one in the family, so it's influencing the 'atmosphere' in my family------about expressing any feeling.

  2. "So, if you're just realized you never said 'that kind of thing' to your parents too, just make a plan to say it at the right moment. Before you can never say it."

    Kalimat ini bikin "jleeb". duh.