4 Reasons Why You Should Watch Japanese Version of You Are The Apple of My Eye(あの頃, 君を追いかけた)! the 4th Just Unusual

If someone asks me what is my most rewatchable movie, I would like to answer  the question with: You Are The Apple of My Eye. Actually I watched it maybe only 3 times, but I don't know how many times have I watched its cut scene on youtube and also listened to its main soundtrack. It should be 3 digit of numbers. I wasn't really into the movie when the first time I watched it, but after I rewatched it and I realized if this movie was based on true story I was like.. "Damn, this movie is a masterpiece!". 

The first time I watched it is when I was in my 9th grade. I was annoyed by some scenes on the movie back then: a nude guy walking without any clothes at his home, 2 crazy guys mastrubate in the class, a 'fight competition' scene, and so on. A day before I went to my Fresh Enrichment Program at my university, I rewatched it and I realized if the story based on the true story by a guy named Giddens Ko, and this guy wrote all of his stories on his blog before he finally made a book and the book was filmed and the film became very popular in Taiwan and another countries. 

In this year, there is a remake version of this movie by Japanese driector. Well, It's not really hard for me to declare that 'You Are The Apple of My Eye' Japanese version is a movie which I really wait for in 2018. I knew all of the storyline, the trailer told me there's no massive difference between the Japanese and Taiwanese, but I really want to see another execution of Giddens Ko story. I really admire his story, his pain, his struggle to chase a girl in case some of his friends are his main competitors, and.. the 'unusual ending'.

I haven't watch the Japanese Version yet, but I have some reasons why you or us should watch this Japanese Version of You Are The Apple of My Eye. I'm not trying to say 'some reasons why Japanese Version of You Are The Apple of My Eye are worth to watch' because I haven't watch it, but what I'm trying to say is 'why we should watch it even though we knew the story'. So here's the doubtless reasons;
  • Let's see another tragically unspoken feelings 

It's very interesting when you really really really like someone, but you can't tell her/him if you like her/him. The feelings could be reciprocally, but you're afraid if your love is clapping one hand. It's become more interesting when you like someone, and someone that you like in fact has a feeling for you too, but you 2 aren't together. It's a big why. WHY the hell two single people who like each other aren't together even though they're already dating and knew each other's feelings? Well, that's how Ko Ching Teng and Shen Chia Yi in You're The Apple of My Eye. The Japanese version shouldn't be much different.
  • Chasing the same girl, security dilemma between friends

When you really really really like a girl, you could feel insecure because you might see some of your friends who seemed to have a feeling for her too as your opponent.  When you really really really like a girl, it feels like you want to punch all of your friends who seemed to have a feeling for her whether it's your good friend or 'not really' friendThe girl is kind of security dilemma for you, because she drives you into a dilemma and a prejudice. Just like You Are The Apple of My Eye, this movie is about conflict between 5 guys, 5 bestfriends, in chasing the same girl, but it turned out that the girl get married with another man. 

Actually, the original title of this movie in mandarin is "那些年,我們一起追的女孩" which means, "Those Bygone Years We're Chasing the Same Girl" but to make it 'catchy' the english title became You Are The Apple of My Eye.
  • The actor and the actress?

I don't really know about Japanese actress or actor. Well, I knew Yui Aragaki since I was in 9th grade, and.. only her. You Are The Apple of My Eye Japanese Version played by Yuki Yamada and Asuka Saito. Asuka is a member of idol group while Yuki Yamada is the one who plays Tomorrow I Will Date With Yasterday's You (not the main character of Tomorrow I Will Date With Yasterday's You). I find the actress is kind of a bit tiny for Shen Cia Yi which played by Michelle Chen on the original movie. But she's good looking, yeah, good looking, since I rarely use 'beautiful'. 
  • Unusual kiss at the ending

The most iconic scene of You Are The Apple of My Eye should be its ending. At the wedding ceremony, when the main guy realize when the girl he likes finally find he Mr Right, he will be happy for her too. And... tada, it comes to a game, when 'you must kiss the husband first to get the access to kiss the wife' and.. voila, a kiss between guy. I really curious whether on this Japanese version the ending will be 'unusual' too, or it will be excecute with another 'tragic ending'. If it's a different ending, I really want to know how the Japanese make it.



  1. Nice thoughts on the movie..well expressed..seems interesting..

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