The End of The Blog? 👋

Hello, it's me, I was wondering if after all these years I'd like to put an end to this blog 👋. Well not now but.. I think stop to updating this blog after graduating from college is the right thing to do. Since my graduation time should be in 2020, it means I've 2 years left. The end is near.

It's really tough to stop writing on the blog when writing really helped you to reduce your problems or burdens. But I was just thinking  that  I've been on this blog for quite a long time and I made quite a long journey. It all began when I was in 11th grade, and It seems good to end up this blog after graduating from college. From 2014-2020, 6 years, fair enough to feel enough. 

This blog will be a good portofolio for me to reminds me of my youth. I guess, I would be pleased  to read this blog when I'm at my 30 or 40 or 50 and then I start to smile because of my youth stories, and then I start to say to myself 'what a stupid impulsive young kid'. 

There's a 'report' culture which already exists since I became very active in blogging. Well, for the current condition I prefer to write about my opinion for some issues, but back when I was in high school there were too many 'report' posts of my daily activities such as.. some posts of 'disoriented' to chose major, university test, yearbook photo story, friendship, broken hearted, and many more. There's a 'report' culture and I started to realize if this kind of culture would make me feel great only when I was a youth. I don't think it's wise enough to make another reports in the future such as.. when I get married, when I have a child and the blog becomes a parenting blog, or else. 

And, since I transformed the majority of blog posts into english, my traffic of my current posts were massively decreased. But that's what I want, actually. I've many blogger friends back then, but they're started to disappear in recent years. Well, I guess they were bored. Since I won't dissapear too, I started to transform the blog to something new, and started all over again for a challenge, and.. by doing that I won't dissapear easily. Lucky me, the traffic of my some movie posts started to increased more rapidly than before so.. I guess the traffic stay stable. I tried to improve my SEO too, btw.

So, let's see, 2020. It would be a good end for this blog. Or, maybe it will be just a rethorical vision, maybe something will happen and make me still updating  this blog even till 70 and baby my heart could still fall as hard at 23 and I'm thinking bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways.


  1. Yaaaaa, jangaaan dong Jev. Tetep aja nulis sampai kapanpun .. Aku tau sih, blog sepertinya memang ga terlalu booming lg. Orang2 lbh suka vlog yg bisa ditonton drps blog yg hanya dibaca. Tapi buatku, dan mungkin orang2 yg lbh suka membaca, blog ttp pilihan nomor 1 :).

  2. i'm one of those people who really enjoys reading your posts... please don't stop writing :(

  3. Hopefully not :D

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