Internship 1.0: World's Most Valuable Startup?

As one of startup enthusiasts, I always loved to follow news about digital economy whether it’s E-commerce, Marketplace, Fintech, Service on demands, and so on. Work culture, work life balance, salary, and chilling room are some reasons why having intern experience at tech company would be really fun. So, having intern at those kind of places definitely is my aim. Since this intern is university mandatory program, it has its own regulation of period; 4 months for the minimum, 6 months for the maximum. 

But who knows, my intern stories were really conflictual. I started with 2 interview invitations from Lazada for Graphic Designer and HappyFresh for Content Writer and ended up having 2 months intern at HappyFresh, HappyFresh itself is one of multinational E-commerce for E-groceries. The conflicts started when few days after having intern at HappyFresh, there were some late interview invitations from several companies; PWC (Price WaterHouse Coopers), Fave, ShopBack, the Rexroth one, Kawan Lama, and another startup.


Due to my intern story, I just found out that I’m kind of j*rk. Even though I’ve got my intern place, I still came to those late interview invitations. So, I went to some work offices back then; Talavera Tower, Capital Place, Wisma 77, International financial center, or Gandaria Office 8 Tower.  But, Young Kid, life is full of plot twists, right? After having 2 months intern at Talavera Tower (HappyFresh), I ended up having intern at One Pacific Place, Sudirman Central Business District.

I moved to ByteDance, a giant chinese tech company. In China, its competitiors are Alibaba, WeChat, Tencent. It’s a giant, right? In the world of startup, ByteDance even is “the most valuable” startup in the world after beat the Uber with its more than USD $70 Billion of valuation. I ended up here with some inner conflicts of ‘cheating on current company’ and ‘started it all over again’. But, real man keep walking. I did 3 interviews, with 3 langauges. One of them was English-Mandarin interview with the head of marketing from China via online interview. Well it supposed to be english only, but I was sok ide back then.     

  • This complicated story divided into 3 parts of subheading
The Fault in Our PWC

World Trade Center 3, that's the location of the Office. Although PWC isn't a startup, but actually I really wanted to having an affair with this famous multinational public accounting firm because the career path and the prospect. So, one fine day I got a call from PWC for Marketing Communication phone interview invitation. But, somehow, I failed. 

It was a goddamn phone interview.  I did the phone interview at Talavera's parking lot. Imagine that.. you're trying to cheat your current company by doing interview with the new company at your "current company area" (parking lot). But at the end I failed, and it was painful. And then after that I lost my desire with the current company, I was deep in blue, the way to home feels unrecognizable, strange, confusing. 

PWC was like a girl who lifts her hair and then she walks in front of you, and somehow you know that you wanted to be with her but you realized that you can never be with her. Perfect analogy.

2 monther here.... 

I ended up having an intern at Happy Fresh for around 2 months. Well it was a really happy and fresh experience, the work culture was great , the people were very friendly whether the foreign or local , salary , could having coffee every time I want , Chilling room for Playstation ✓. They were all fine whether in terms of work culture, life balance, and of course facilities. I've played futsal too with people here. 

The only problem was the distance is pretty far from my home to that office but actually I'm fine with that. But, but, but... I wasn't fine anymore when that "PWC things" came. It feels like I really need to move and there were still other interview invitations too, but it feels like I waste a lot of time if I move to new company and started it all over again, right? 

Until one fine day, I found a pretty interesting internship job at Linkedin: Internship at TikTok Indonesia. Since TikTok has been "booming" and even beat the Instagram and Facebook in several countries, I think this intern job would be very interesting. Well I knew that many Indonesian recognize that app as a stupid app but the fact is TikTok is subsidiary of Bytedance, and Bytedance is the most valuable startup in the world even beat the uber with its "more than USD$70 billion" valuation. 

Moved To.. Bytedance, World's most valuable startup?

At the end, after 3 steps of interview, I moved to Bytedance and having marketing intern at TikTok/抖音 Indonesia. Well it's been a week for me now having an intern there, at One Pacific Place.  It's a very challenging experiences, whether the new experiences at work or experiences in struggling to re-input all of the intern documents to university. 

There were 3 steps of interview before I got into here. First I went to Gandaria Office 8 Tower having a Logical Test and English-Indonesia Interview with the HR, several days later after being confirmed that I pass the first interview successfully I went to second interview with the head of marketing at One Pacific Place and used Bahasa Indonesia only. After that, several days later I went to online English-Mandarin Interview with the representative of Bytedance from Beijing.  

For me, the hardest thing wasn't the interview or reinput the documents to university, but the hardest thing was saying goodbye to the current company when it's not supposed to be.  My impression on working here at my first week was this tech company is very cool in empowering employee digitally. It has its own chating application, f2f online meeting platform, using app to scan many things include the wifi pass, and many more. Wow..

this Lark app by Bytedance is kind of cool
it took a week of intern to hold that Rekor MURI 😂

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