What Kind of Man?

Have you ever liked a song that you didn't like before? Song that you recgonized as a bad song whether because of its rythm or its music video, but somehow that song became very interesting. I did, more than one time, the last was Jay Chou's what kind of man.  

The lyric slaps me on point; What kind of man are you? You wrote those 2 stupid stories about man and umbrella with the main goal that she read it and after your intuition make sure she has read it, you privatize those stories. Yeah, It wasn't fair story for you, there were some pieces of her that you erased. But It's okay. Even though those stories were real, you've tried your best to made them funny but at the end they were still pathetic. You tried to manipulate your wound. That wasn't easy, ferguso, really. 

What kind of man are you? You didn't step forward, too afraid to fight for it,  too afraid to bothering her, afraid of bad fact. What kind of man are you? Said to yourself that you like her even more than she could imagined but you cover your cowardly soul with a pathetic alibi; she deserves better person. Maybe at the end you're just mad, because you know that she knew but.. just forget it. You were just sincere and silly at the same time. 

      Damn it. Jay is so on point.

🎵 What kind of man are you? 
What kind of man? 
Still in love with her but too scared to tell her wait 
Its ok you keep playing your part, 
She’ll meet a better man. 🎵

Ah, it's tough to be a man. You got part of your ribs stolen, you need to find the one who steals your ribs, but somehow you got broken hearted in your journey of finding the right ribs and since you're a man, the probability is you are  wrong even if you aren't. It doesn't matter if you get hurt or not, the rule is girl always the one who get hurts the most in a relationship.

The scenario became worse when you need to let the person you loved to go, because you knew that you're no longer worthy for her and she'll meet a better person. You keep blaming yourself like, what kind of person are you.. what kind of person...

🎵 What kind of man are you? 
What kind of man? 
watching her leaving without seeing or asking
how can naive you be, quit pretending
She waits for you to pull her back instead you politely step aside. 🎵

Woman could be a very mysterious creature. Give some codes for a man that they feel the same way and they wanted to be championed by that man but after the man makes the shot, the woman raise the price. So, for those kind of woman, the question is... how can a man confidently pull your back instead we just politely step aside? 

The scenario became worse for a man when they can just watching the woman he likes without seeing or asking, and just politely step aside because he got his confident reduced. 


The first time I heard this song is when I was in my first semester of college. I watched American Born Chinese reaction, and they reacted to some of Jay Chou music videos and I was like.... what a bad song. The rythm of the song, the pronunciation, and the Jay Chou's "pink coat" on the Music Video made me questioning more and more. 

Until one fine noon, that song was played automatically on youtube and unexpectedly there was english subtitle and after I interpreting that lyric, I was like; man, this is deeeeeep. I didn't know what the lyric means before, and it's compounded by Jay Chou's pronunciation. After knowing the lyric, I really appriciate Jay because he's not just sang the song, but also wrote the lyric and directing the music video. 

Jay always keep the good quality of storyline on his every music videos. I was listening to him since the 'waiting for you' song, and now I realized if he's a very multitalent person. Not only just a singer, but also song writer, actor, and even music video director. Wow. What kind of man is he? Well aside from what kind of man he is, in conclusion, for every girls this song is a right song to be played in front of your chinese boyfriend if your chinese boyfriend isn't sensitive enough.

                                                                                   here's the music video

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