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About Blog

          Let me tell you about this blog performances, briefly factual based on 05-13-2018 data of interactions. This blog was established on August 2014, won several blog competitions, and has a good outcome for its 'Search Engine Optimization' in all categories of post, especially for movie list & review posts.

  • Indonesia & English
  • ± 500-600 views/ day
  • ±15.000-17.000 views/month
  • Mostly from Indonesia, many from United States, India, UAE, Ukraine, Russia, etc. Chrome, Firefox, and Opera are the top 3 visitor's browsers.


There are some commercial posts in English and Bahasa Indonesia on this blog whether it's a paid review or just an entrusted post by some brands. List of brands that have worked together with this blog:
  • Traveloka
  • Zalora Indonesia
  • ShopBack
  • Airy Room
  • NiagaHoster
  • Ciptaloka
  • BalaiIklan

Example of commercial posts:
  1. English Paid Review - Guklabs WISGR (
  2. Bahasa Indonesia Paid Review - Shopback (
  3. Bahasa Indonesia entrusted post - Traveloka (

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