I Was Born

First of all, you must check the date when this post was published. Right there, right bellow the title, yeah.. I was born to blogging.

April 3 1998, Pluit Hospital, Jakarta. 

Oh yeah, so, this is what people called life? Well, my umbilical cord had just been cut by the doctor. It didn't hurt, but I don't know why I can't stop crying since I came out from my mom's womb. It's cold in this room, and I think my age should be.. 2 or 3 hours? No matter two or three hours, I just know if I was born to write.

As the 2 hours baby, I've got a pretty critical thoughts about life. I think life wouldn't easy. Well, I feel grateful that I was born from an ordinary family. Not rich, not poor, that's perfect. I see, so I'm a creation of Palembang woman and Singkawang man, huh? Well done, cool. Since my name isn't Forrest Gump, and since my mom is from Palembang, I think my momma wouldn't says if life is like a box of choclate but she would like to say if life is like a pempek which have many forms but in fact it's a unity.    

WOAHHHHH, look at that big booty nurse. WOAHHHH, there's also the big breast one. Wait, what size is that? 36 or 38? Cup D? I feel thirsty right now, mom... where are you....

Okay, I'm sorry, I was born to be a man too. Kind of template, even since my age was 2 hours. It's kind of funny but I've to make a confession: I was born to be a shaman too. I know many things that will be happen in the future like.. one month from now, there will be a chaos in Jakarta because of political revolution. Thanks to god my family is safe. There will be some explosions in the next few years even till I'm an adult. Oh, I see the sad Tsunami in Aceh, oh I see a lot of things. Growing up, after graduation from high school I'll become an International Relations student and quite brilliant (Not narcissistic, come on, just tryin' to be realistic). Well, I will be very active in blogging when I'm in 11th grade, first I'll blogging with bahasa Indonesia and when I'm going to college I'll blogging with english, cool. 

Let's jump to my wedding party. Great, quite elegant and luxury but I think it's too many chinese ornaments. How can I invite Barongsai to my wedding party? Oh yes, I love the scene after wedding party: first night or let's say malam pertama. Oh yeah, hit it you 'adult of me'! That's my man, that's my dude, burn that girl.

Okay it's enough, it's enough. Some day when I got a time let's see the old of me. I don't really have time right now, my mom just come I think it's milk time for me. Well, one day in the future I'll edit this post.    

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