Thing That I'll Probably Do After Graduate from College...

"Hi.. my name is.. <?php echo 'your name' ?>, 
the reason I choose International Relations as my major is because.. <?php echo 'your reason' ?>

The statement above is indicative of template or framework for default question from my lecturers at the beginning of the semester:  'why do you choose International Relations as your major?'. Since the human individual is unique, the echoed answer from my friends are quite varied. Become diplomat, works in MNC, become lecturer, parents will, until.. there is no math in this major. I bet people who use the last answer as their main template will regret when they met.. game theory. Equilibrium Nash, Comparative Advantage, Prisoner's Dilemma -> Welcome home, Unequilibrium advantage of dilemma

I don't want to become a diplomat since the beginning, neither lecturer nor parents will. I dont hate mathemathic tho'. My reasons why I choose this major are because for me this major give priority to logic and knowledge as main tools to survive, and else because you know.. there is 'Multinational Company' behind the prospects.

I still remember that day, when my mom, the person who gave birth to me, the person who taught me everything, giving me advice, 'Son, you better take management, because since accounting is so girly.. management is good for you'. Well, I dont understand why the majority of mothers advise their son to choose economics faculty. It sucks, you know. My sister giving me advice to take the management as well. In conclusion, woman loves money.  The only person who feels excited when knew I'll become student of IR is... my lovely 'history teacher'. Sure, my grades aren't so good in her lesson, but I always feel excited when it comes to history and general knowledge. Back then, I always sat straight in every her lesson, although I rarely study on every her exam.  

So, since I dont want become diplomat neither lecturer nor some kind of that, thing that I'll probably do after graduate from college is.. follow that passion. My friend in the first semester asked me once, 

'dude, what is your dream?
'Become an It-prenerur''  I replied him,
'So, what do you mean is, you want to become a seller of technology tools and open your business in Glodok?' He replied,

After that talk, I started to realize: not everyone knows the definition of It-preneur. 

I loved it, when IT met Creativity

There are 2 common questions which I've faced since the beginning of college's life. First, 'dude, why dont you choose IT as your major?' else,  'dude, why dont you choose DKV as your major?'. I've always answer back those questions with the same answer: I not run into IT because I'm in the social class when I'm in the HS,  and I not run into DKV because my drawing is very sucks, even if I need to admit that I've a very strong interest in digital world. 

So, since I'm a passionate person, thing that I'll probably do after graduate from college is......... 


is working in the startup or e-commerce or marketplace comapny. Probably, okay.

kantor Shopback
I never regret for having chosen IR as my major. But one thing that I will definitely regret in the future is if I don't follow my passion. Knowledge and logic in IR are my passion tho', but IT and creativity you know, it's kinda land of opportunity, for sure. I've a very strong interest in it. I've run 5 domains and 2 hostings for different sites: 3 blogs, 2 websites. I learn how to coding, how to making a website, and also I learn how to creating a good content on this blog. Else, I tried digital marketing. You know, it's kind of fun to started experience in the Facebook or IG ads, Google adwords, Marketplace, and many more.

So, before stepping on the level of IT-preneur, I think I must steal some experiences on the IT company itself. Whether the culture, or the strategy. The thing I like the most from the IT company such as E-commerce, Marketplace, or Startup is.... THE OFFICE! Oh yeah.

Facilities, atmosphere, regulation..

Every well known startup or E-commerce or Marketplace offices have their own attractiveness. The regulation of 'how to dress', the facilities such as 'stress reliever', until the free lunch! Not only lunch, maybe the breakfast tho'. 

kantor Bukalapak cuy
kantor Kaskus cuy
First, the stress reliever facility. Dude, modern It company know very well how to reduce the stress level of employees. Sport arena such as indoor mini basketball court, the pool arena, table tennis, and many more plus comfortable rooms to chilling out. Just imagine, how stress you'll be if you work in economy company such as stock offices. Everyday grapple with numbers. The only way to reduce your stress just with starbucks. That's pretty horrible.

Second, free trade is fair trade, at least that's what I learned in Internatioal Politic & Economy. Since free trade is fair trade, can I conclude free lunch is a fair lunch? I mean, every modern It companies have impleneting the policy of free lunch. You dont need to ordering food, you dont need to spend money at lunch, all you need to do is go to canteen and enjoy your meal.

Third, how to dress, it's quite interesting. Since you are in Startup or Marketplace or E-commerce company, you dont need to wear shirt with material pants, or even tie, or even formal shoes. As long as you dress politely, wearing clothes with jeans and sneakers will be okay. Imagine, you can develop your creativity with some advantage such as free lunch, still look fashionable and whenever you get stress, there are stress reliever facilities. 

Moreover, you dont need to have an IT background to work in startup or marketplace or e-commerce companies. You still can reach the land of creativity by telecommunication, adverstiment,  PR, and many more. And since I dont want to triffle away my science of IR, I think I'll targeting those kind of IT companies that operate transnationally. So, wait for me.. Traveloka.. Alibaba.. Shopee.. and kind of y'all.


  1. Wow, it's such a good things that you want to be an IT-preneur. Although other people might hear it a bit strange? I think. Like when you told to your friend about what you want to be and he said "seller in glodok" ?? :' why do i ngakak so hard?! :')

    Wooww, the office of an IT company.. Full of fun, but full of stress too.. I've never imagined that.

    1. hehehe, thanks for visiting and ngakak, lulu :)

  2. IT is such a fun field and has so many opportunities

  3. Keren jev. Jrg2 seusiamu udh tau bener2 apa yg jd passionnya. Btw, mama mu masih lumayan minta anak2nya ke ekonomi aja. Mamaku slalu maksa utk kuliah kedokteran. Aku dan adek no2 keukeuh menolak. Ga kebayang hidup tanpa wkt liburan. Akhirnya adek no3 dan 4 yg mau ato terpaksa, ntahlah, yg jadi dokter utk nyenengin mama..