Cafe Waiting Love (2014), an Interesting Taiwanese Movie with Freaky Romance Stories

Everyone is waiting for their someone.
Right there, in the waiting someone's cafe or they call it Cafe Waiting Love, some romance stories about 'waiting someone' began to interrelated each other. Nope, even if there are some stories, it doesn't make this movie to be an omnibus movie. There are freaky romance stories that relating each other. Freaky in this case is not represent a freak stories such as black comedy, but it's more represent 'absurd'. 

This movie is another Giddens Ko's romance. I've watched it twice, and I really like how Giddens Ko make this movie a bit strange at the beginning and mellow at the ending. The soundtrack itself by Shennio Lin is also so good.   

Cafe Waiting Love (2014) Synopsis/Plot

Si Ying is a college student who acidenttally works in the cafe near her campus. In that cafe she meets the mysterious lady boss and also the talented bartender, named Abusi. There is also a mysterious good loking gentleman whom she falls in Love with, this gentleman always show up in the cafe everyday. Si Ying also meets Ah Tuo, freaky foolish senior who goes around college wearing bikini and roller skate. Her encounter with several person in this cafe open a space for some romance stories of people themselves. The freaky romance story of Ah Tuo, the sad romance story of the lady boss, the absurd romance story of Ah Tuo's Boss, and also the twist romance story of herself. 

Review Cafe Waiting Love (2014)

This movie is not only directed by Giddens Ko, but also based on his novel with the same title. Sure, it will be very hard for him to make this movie as popular as his 'You're the Apple of My Eye', but this movie itself is very interseting whether by its absurd story of the Ah Tuo and his boss or the sad story of the lady boss. 

I think Giddens Ko just out of his mind when opened the movie with a guy who goes around college wearing bikini and roller skate. I just started to think like 'is this kind of black comedy?', and then after let the story flows I just relaized if Giddens ko is kinda 'absurd story and unusual' director. Giddens' charm make the movie wouldn't be the same without the absurd elements. 

The story itself is very interseting whether by its absurd story or the sad story. Not an omnibus movie, but contain several romance stories that related each other. We'll be taken for a walk with the story of Si Ying and Ah Tuo, and then the story become widely in addition to Ah Tuo's boss and his wife story, also the sad story of the lady boss of that cafe. With double vivian (sung&chow) in there, this movie is well casted. And also another interesting thing about the cast is when shen-cia yi shows up as cameo at the ending.     

My favourite part in this movie is the story of Ah Tuo's boss and his wife. It's so damn absurd, but also good story, kind of Giddens' charm. This movie quite succesfull to mixed the comedy element with the sad romance element. In conclusion, this 2 hours movie is an interesting taiwanese movie with freaky romance stories.


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