My First Experience of Doing "it"

dont mind it, just a scene from my ps partner (2012)

Every man must do 'it', right? You know, that 3 letters. Oh come on, don't be hypocrite. 

If you are a teenager boy, the essence of your charisma for being 'real man in the future' will probably decreases if you've never done it before. I mean, if you've never done it before, you have no experience. If you have no experience, you only know the theory. Meanwhile, the legend said 'experience is the best teacher' ever. 

So, do y'all have any idea with what is 'it'? If your mind dirty enough, then you'll probably identified it as a word with 3 letters that start with s and end with x. But since I wont make it bias, I'll make it clear: it's a word with 3 letters, start with j and end with b, job, experience of searching a job. Today's world is very cruel, if you want to be a real man you need to struggling, with or without bachelor degree. Well, my first experience of getting a job actually wasn't because I need a job or I want to stuggling for money, but because I don't want to be unemployed at home for months after graduated from high school. 

It sucks to be unemployed for around 5 months. I graduated in April 2016, and my college activity will be held on September 2016. Come on, 5 months? Being unemployed when your playmates have got a job and make money for becoming a Sales Promotion Boy in an event or becoming whatever that make money, is very sucks.  In order to fill that 5 months with a productivity, I tried pretty hard to looking for a job with a friend of mine. I tried Sales Promotion Boy, Marketing Executive, Promotor, and end up with admin of e-commerce.

June 2016, in the middle of struggling

'dude, is this kind of haunted mall?',
'wait, why?'
'because this mall is very quiet, and I think the feng-shui is not good enough',

The purple was me, and the green was my friend. The dialogue was took place at a trade mall in north Jakarta, maybe around 10 am. The mall is very quit, although it's 10 am already, the majority of stores still not open yet. We're here because of job vacancy to be a promotor of smartphone vendor. Before this vacancy, we've tried 'marketing executive' of motorcycle vendor and it's end up with we are accepted but we decide not to take the job. The name of the job and the salary very unequivalent. The name is supercool, buat the salary is superlame. 

The Billionaire (2011)
After going to here and there, we didn't find the place where the interview will be held. And then suddenly the security pass by our way, and we have some chats with the security and we found out that the address isn't in the mall, but outside the mall but still in the complex of the mall. Thanks for the security, we've finally met the interviewer and do the interview.

So, the interview is quite funny. The one that interviewing us is a girl, her name is about Vinda or Vindy. She is an alumni from a high school that located next to our former high school. After some questions, she told us to demonstrate how to offer the product to customer. And after that, she just asking us when we can start to work. After that I just thinking, 'damn, it's so easy to find a job! We've got accepted in 2 out of 2 jobs that we applied.'  But there's a twist ending here. After some questions, Vinda or Vindy realized that we'll be a college student within months. And the she just told us if this job is not for the person who will going to college! Damn.. 

After the interview in the complex of haunted mall, me and my friend still do the interview together but we ended up with a different direction. My friend end up with spb, I endup with kind of digital job, E-commerce admin. After that kind of struggling, I've my conclusion: get a job is not difficult.  But since you are a high school graduate that will going to college as well, it's kind of hard to find the right job in the right time. 

How I met the boss

One fine day in the weekend, I've received a message from a person who claimed to be the team from IT based company. 'Congratulations you've been accepted to become website admin of the company, Interview will be held on monday', she said on the message. The thing is, I never remember if I ever applied for the 'website admin' job. Is this a trap? Is this kind of human trafficker trap on innocent person who searching for a job like me?

After remembering and remembering, that's a probability that I've applied a job on the website but I didn't realize if the job entitled website admin. Since the address of the office is quite close to my house, I've decided to jump into the interview. So, on that monday I went to the office that more like a store house with a lift and BMW inside. And that's how I met him, a Chinese-Indonesia man that I believe for sure he came from Medan. He's the boss. He's a 38 years old man, 180m tall maybe, and he looks like... chinese. If you guys can't imagine it, just imagine a chinese wedding singer in the middle of thrity who loves to sing classic chinese song entitled 'the moon represents my heart'.

Because I've never had a work experience, I always use my list of wins on several blog competitions which I've won as my tool in order to showing my intellect. I just answered several formality question that the Medanese boss give to me, and voila! He told me to start working next week. In the way to airport to picked my sister up, I tell my mum if I get a job. This job itself is kind of contract job within 3 months. 

My boss my tiger 

I learned a lot about the main charasteristic of Chinese-Medanese: BO-KAM-GUAN. Bokamguan is a word to represents human nature that dont want to lose, dont want to blamed, by always blaming others. It simply means boss is always right.

My job desk actually is pretty simple. First, creating the blog for his hobby and his monastery (sure he owns a monastery). Second, uploading catalogs for his e-commerce. Come at 8.30 am, off at 5 pm. At least, that's what he told me. On the impelemntation, the job desk got pretty bias. I'm not only uploading catalog or creating blog, but also did the digital adverstiting. Sometimes he made me come home late, around 6.30 pm or 7 pm. It's just me, I heard from other staffs if sometimes they off at 8 or maybe nine. 

The funny thing is, even if he owns a monastery which means he must be so religious and loved living things, he doesn't liked a living pest. 'kill the rat! I dont want that rat biting my BMW tires' he just said that to other staff. Hmm, well that's kind of funny, since he's an owner of monastery.
that's me
I've been in a big conflict with him once.  So its all happening in a bright afternoon. On that day, he went into the room, and then asking me randomly and then scold me. This boss himself is indeed when he got angry to someone, then the anger can spread to others. He's probably was angry to other staff before he's enter my room. And then domino effect just happens, he's scold me. 

'Hi, where have you been? what have you done today?', he said.
'I'm just wri...', I replied.
'Show me what you've done!'
'What? What have you done?'
'Okay that's enough! DID I DO SOMETHING WRONG? AM I WRONG?!'
'What the.. okay then I'm the one who was wrong! What an employee, it's the first time I've scolded by my own employees.'

...And then the next scene was he left the room by slam the door.

On that moment, I just realized that I've shouting at my boss. The person that much older than me, even if he's kind of bokamguan person and looks like chinese wedding singer in the middle of thrity who loves to sing classic chinese song entitled 'the moon represents my heart'. I've a bad manner, I shouldn't do that, I should respect him. My mind fcked up. It feels like I want to resign and pay the compensation. 

..............And then that absurd, awkward, freaky moment happened. 

15 minutes later after slam the door, he went back into the room. Such as nothing happened, he asked me innocently, 'Jeff, what's the wifi password?', and then I give him the password, then I apologized to him. That's super absurd! I mean, we had a pretty serious fight before, and then he entered the room asking for a wifi pass of his own office? What the.. But it's okay, because of that freaky moment, I dont have to pay a compensasion. 

A tiger for a better manner

Although this bo-kam-guan boss annoyed me several times, but I need to admit if I have a poor attitude. I've a bad manner, indiscipline, etc. Actually, not only me that dont like this boss. Other stuffs tho'. Sometimes we gathered to talked about him. But I should be grateful for the experience, I mean it's the first time for me to see the back end of real website, the hosting, the admin page. Although I really hate this bo-kam-guan person, I've to admit if he make me realize to improve my manner especially in terms of work.     


  1. zaman sekarang sales memiliki banyak sebutan, marketin executive salah satunya
    iya emang keren banget sebutannya
    mungkin karena nama kerjaan 'sales' nggak gitu disukai orang makanya dikemas dgn nama baru yg lebih menarik

  2. Since the whole of this post become an english2an, then, I'll try to comment with english too. Sekalian bljar jg dah. Hahaa.

    have you decided to change all your language posts in english? Or you just write it like this only when in your good mood? Hmm.
    Huahaha, He's an Extraordinary and antimainstream boss ever! Asking for a wifi password to his new employee... I mean, DIA KAN ORG YANG PALING LAMA DI SITU, DIA BOSS-NYA! SO, why did he... Forget it. It doesn't make any sense at all... :')

    Btw, sorry for this gado2 languange, and btw again, when I see this post's opening GIF, I thought the one who did that "Scene" was.. You! Waahahaha.

    1. kinda, I'll change my posts in english soon after new year. It's kind of my reolustion to globalize this blog, lulu.

  3. Hahahaha, sebutannyaa :D. Pgn komen lebih, tp takut dikira rasis ntr. Soalnya aku dr medan, jd udh apal ama bokamguan sperti ini. Aku yakin sbnrnya bos mu itu tau kelebihanmu, tp malu ngakuin. Makanya supaya kamu ga resign, pura2 msk lagi k ruangan nanya paspor wifi :p. Seolah2 ga trjadi apa2

    1. hahaha, horas bah.. Tapi benar kan, bo kam guan itu human nature :)