When you create too many sites and managed them all alone, someday you'll abandon them and then you'll end up realizing that some of your domains just soon to run out. Believe me, son.

I have 5 sites right now, 3 bloggers 1 wordpress and 1 PHP-native website that I've created for practicing. All of them have their own domains, meanwhile 2 of them are in hosting. Unfortunately, I'm not wise enough to split times for all of them. I don't even know that my php-native site got hacked by a group of hacker, but well I'm flattered in that case.

So, who knows that I'll ended up in website course? I dont even expecting that. Shortly after taking website course, I just got desire for creating sites. At the beginning, it was just this blog. But after taking website course, I create an amateur e-commerce site, movie blog site, also another 2 hosting sites. And now they are all abandoned. 

In the case of making content, I know my strength is on the movie content whether it's review or list of movies. I got a lot of views on movie posts although I dont know too much about SEO. At the end of 2016 I was just thinking like.. why don't I start another blog that focusing on movie reviews then? And that's how moviesofmine.com was born. I decided to buy 2 years of domain for that site. In the practice, I didn't write a lot of movie posts on that site, just some Hongkong and Southeast Asia movies. Kind of abandoned. 

Move to another, I got 2 another sites named Bokangco with the domain of .com and .net on it. The .com one is for kind of e-commerce which the template is a premium template that I edited it massively, and the .net  one is for the PHP native website that which I've created. Else, I got another site with platfoam of wordpreess.org with the hosting on it. That site just kind of Guinea pig for my digital marketing scholarship, actually. 

My site got hacked!

I'm sad, not upset, but I just.. touched. Little bit of proud, there is a group of hacker who wants to try to hack my PHP native site. Hahahaha. The Bokangco.net one is a site that I created just to practice. This site include random contents, with an ordinary backend/admin page. One fine day but not too fine actually, I just opened that site and found 2 new strange posts. First, it's entitled asd without any image and the second one entitled 'anjing' with an image with inscription 'hacked by indonesia coding something'. 

That group of hacker evidently was a good entity. Even if they hijacked my posts, the didn't changed the password. Well I'm impressed and touched by that accident. 

I don't know..

I don't know what should I do with those sites. The thing is, it's hard to manage all of them and it makes me lazy. On the other hand, the domains and hostings just too wasteful. Maybe the wisest way for this case is just let it flow.. until all of the domains and hostings flowing to the downstream of expired. 

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