Already Tomorrow In Hongkong (2015), An Interesting Simple Movie About Strangers Falling In Love

First of all, How does it feel to Fall in love with stranger, anyone? I mean, it's kind of funny when we are fall in love with someone that we just met, we don't know his/her background, all we know just we met that person and identified he/she as an attractive person and then we fell. 

Already Tomorrow In Hongkong (2015) is a very simple movie about strangers that just met in Hongkong by accident for just 2 nights in 1 year, then they talked a lot about life, and then fall in love. Sure, I've watched that kind of romance movie such as Hello Stranger (2010). But Already Tomorrow In Hongkong has its own unique taste. 
Jamie Chung
Bryan Greenberg

Already Tomorrow in Hongkong (2015) Synopsis/Plot

Ruby is an american children's toy designer temporarily in Hongkong. Josh is an American expact that has been live in Hongkong for 10 years. One night, two of them meet outside the bar. Ruby makes plans over her phone to meet her friends at another bar, Overhearing that her phone doesn't have GPS and she is lost, Josh offers to walk her to her destination. As they walk and talk they find a connection sparking between them. Josh just find Ruby attractive, so does Ruby.

Josh suddenly confesses to Ruby that he has a girlfriend and the reason he was outside the bar and overheard Ruby's conversation was because he had left his girlfriend inside doing birthday shots and flirting with other men. And the next day, Ruby leaves and back to America. A year later, in random night, two of them reunited. The two spend the night reconnecting and gradually feel themselves drifting together romantically once more.

Already Tomorrow in Hongkong (2015) Review

This movie is well delivered and the duration is quite short just 78 minutes, 74 minutes actually if you dont want see the credit. Somehow I Find the character of the girl is very attractive and charming. This movie just made me want to visit Hongkong and get the girl like the main character. 

It's a 74 minutes movie, dont hope there are a lot of conflicts here. The conflict just spin around strangers that falling in love, but two of them have been in relationship. It's not a big conflict actually, maybe more pricesly 'dilemma'. You just met the stranger, you fall in love, but you have your own integrity that wont allow you to cheating.

The character of Ruby here is very interesting. I dont know why but I just feel like I have an interest with that kind of girl. Not physically, but personally. I loved that kind of intellectuality, that kind of insight, I mean it would be very fun to talk with knowledgeful charming lady. Not a freak, not a nerd, but knowledgeful and charming. 

Overall, this movie is an interesting simple movie about strangers falling in love. Because the duration just only 74 minutes (without credit), I think it would be great if y'all see this movie when you want to watch a movie but just for fun without an excessive expectations.



  1. Belom pernah sik langsung jatuh cinta sama stranger. Anaknya parnoan, Jeff. Mesti kenal dulu. Ngoahahah 😂😂😂

    1. sama..
      harus kenal lebih dalam dulu..
      semakin dalam.. dan dalam.. dan dalam

  2. Nih pilem pendek juga yah jep, 74 minit..

    Sependek kisah2 asmaraku dulu...

    BTW, senang jep, akhirnya bisa BW kesini lagi...