Childhood: That Bygone Phase of Life!

Everybody will die one day. What kind of phase of life we'll face after death? It's all depends on our faith. One religion believes we'll be reincarnated, and one religioin believes we came from the dust which means we'll return to the dust, the other hoping for heaven and hell. The atheist one wouldn't giveafck for reborn, dust, or heaven and hell. 

Regardless of the what kind of phase of life we'll face after the end of the life, at the beginning we were all born equal, we were all born babies. Came out from our mother's womb -> started to cry -> shit and pee in pants -> then has begun to learn from life. 

However, childhood is the most adorable period. Some of us may still remember some things, the rest can only remember a little despite we are trying hard to remember it. We were all innocent back then. We knew nothing about lust, greed, pride, envy, gluttony, even sloth. 

For me, it's kind of necessary to at least remember what we were like before life taught us feel of guilty. That's what the childhood album are for, actually. So this post still related to the series of the 'new room' post before, indirectly. When I was searching for what items will be brought up to the room, my mom just gave me an album that has long been stored in a.... kind of warehouse. That's the childhood album of mine! When i was little, either just born.

I never remember that haircut
kind of sweet~
I'm impressed. Many things from my childhood that I don't even remember or I don't know at all. Those things such as it looks like when i was little my head structure is a bit similar with latino, or I suddenly remember about my favorite toy horse back then, and some 'wow that's me' phrases just came out. I loved that kind of feeling: a little curious mixed with the past which gave birth to a feeling of happiness in the end. Wow.. that's... just...

I was born weighed in at a whopping 4 kilograms.  That was enough weight for made me as public attention. But after that, that 4KGs baby became pretty thin and he's don't know why. 

Look, I dont know who you are and I dont know what you want.
What I do have is particular skills and my beloved 'horse toy'
that will make me a nightmare for peaople like you.
I will Find you, and I will kill you.
who.. that.. be...
Hair bangs here is the most interesting and mysterious thing for me. I dont remember at all how and when I got hair bangs, but the thing that's clear enough is: I grow apart with my toy horse, but I keep growing with those "hair bangs". One thing I remember is I used to be a fan of F4 especially "Tao Ming Tse" when I was in kindergarten. And my hair bangs is kind of my pride, because you know.. when your idol has the hair bangs, so does this little man.

It feels great to see those albums. Memories of my childhood, the confusion, the longing, all of them just constructing a very good feeling right now. Ah, childhood, that bygone phase of life. When you know nothing about how terrible the world's and life problem, when you know nothing about the pain of liking someone else's girlfriend, when you just know you were loved by your parents and relatives.

Can I just go back to my child body with my adult thought and skills?


  1. It's uncountable, how many times I said to my mom, I wanna go back to her womb. Life is thug.

  2. Imutnya hahaha... lucu ya.. aku punya foto-foto masih kecil sealbum. tapi hilang doong :'(
    Kemana lagi aku harus cari itu album..

  3. iiihh sumpah demi apaaah... waktu aku kecil dulu rambutku dipotongin papa juga modelnya gitu... dulu sering disangka cowok.. hahahaha

  4. Kalo bnyk org kangen ama masa2 childhood, jujur aku ga jev :) . Ga pengen samasekali balik ato inget ksana.. Hubunganku ama ortu sih sbnrnya biasa aja. Tp ga bisa dibilang dkt juga.. Mungkin krn mama dulu keras banget ke aku, jd yg keinget cm yg jelek2 hahahaha..

    1. wah, pandangan yang cukup berbeda.. menarik