Geography Now & Chill?

Earth is a place where we lived, yap everybody know that, abuden. 

Let me give you an analogy: earth is kind of apartmenet, where our countries is our room. So, isn't it ironic when you lived in an apartement but you don't know your neighbors at all. You dont know the nice one who probably lends you a stuff when you need it, you dont know the criminal one who is probably a serial killer that holds many corpses in his/her room? The point is: you dont know who can be utilized and who's not

Back to elementary, learning about countries or capital city or continents are my favorite. You know it's your favourite when you used to be oftenly read a genius book or atlas because of curiosity and now you have a big wall sticker of world's map also a globe in your room, right? My curiosity of countries could be last forever, especially since I loved to travel with passport. 

Few months ago, I found an impressive youtube channel named Geography Now.  

Well hello there, I'm the host Barby..
and then intermezzo,'s time to learn Geography now!!


Pretty Comprehensive

Some segments here in every country videos are pretty comprehensive. The host did a research first, not only a 'one day research' maybe 'several days research'. There are some segments such as: Reviewing Flag, Political Geography, Demographic, Diplomatic Relations, and other interesting facts as well. Reviewing Flag segment is a segment where the host reviewing what the color or symbol in the flag stands for, meanwhile demographic is all about demography such as ethnic and population, political geography is about the location, and diplomatic relation is all about relation between countries.

The interesting thing is he made all of his video alphabetically. So every countries on he  video is not order by comment's request, or continent, developing or developed, but A-Z. So based on the geography location, every country in videos come up randomly. 

Pretty Attractive

Thing I like the most from Geography Now besides the content itself is how the host deliver all of the materials. The host, Barby, deliver all of the contents with an attractive and expressive way but didn't seem freaky or nerdy. It's just cool when you're have a good general knowledges and you deliver it also with a masculine way, right? That's Barby. 


Beside the way he deliver the content, some jokes or punchlines here made the materials didn't feel stiff. Because we all know, learning about countries and geography too serious is another way to invite the sleepiness and boredom. In conclusion, Geography Now are pretty comprehensive and attractive. So, why don't we just Geography Now & Chill instead of Netflix or Family Guy and Chill?



  1. I have watched their video. Only one sih, Indonesia wkwkw. Well, they did an impressive job. And I got some new-fun-amazing facts about Indonesia.

  2. Kenapalah zaman sekolah dulu ga ada video interaktif begini.. Kalo ga kan belajar geografi jd fun :p. Skr ini sjk aku rutin traveling, pengetahuan geografiku lumayan meningkat. Sepertinya geografi ini jd lbh gampang dihapal kalo kitanya sendiri sudah datang ke tempat2 itu :p. Lbh ada bayangan.. Kayak batas2 wilayah negara, dulu aku pusing bener ngapalin batas2 sebelah barat malaysia ada apa, sebelah timur dll. Tp skr kyknya lgs bisa ngebayangin dan jd tau :p.

    1. zamannya sis belum sedigital sekarang soalnya, ehehehek.