Can I Be Him?


There will always be people who love to play the same song over and over again. I mean, mostly people with their internet nowadays always got their first option in the case of choosing a song to play. Believe it or not, the probability of their first option is a song that they often played many times recently.  Over and over again, or maybe as randomly the most played song at leisure time. Just like other people in terms of playing the same song over and over again, So do I.

Currently, Can I Be Him by James Arthur is my kind of 'that song'. I'm not broke, my heart isn't fragile, I just loved heartbreaking song. More precisely, an antimainstream heartbreaking song. For me, heartbreaking song always has its own taste and the character is always strong. Can I Be Him by James Arthur actually is just similar with The Man Who Can't Be Moved or maybe Crazy by Andrew Garcia, but not as deep as I Know I'm Not The Only One. 

I don't know whether this song can be categorized as underrated and antimainstream song or not, because this song itself get more than half hundred million views on youtube but I think people around me might not know this song, and indeed so not many people know this song. I guess this song is buried by James' Say You Wont Let Go, didn't hard for me to conspire about it. But James did a great job on this song. I like his finger movements when he sings the reff, his emotion is always on the appropriate portion. 

First, the girl on the train is always a mystery, and the music video of this song opened with that kind of mystery. From the title, it's not really hard to figure out this song will tell us about what. Just about a guy who fell in love with someone else's girlfriend, and then he just shouted on the train "Can I Be Hiiiiiiim" hoping he could replace the position of that girl's boyfriend. The moral message of this song could be like.. dont fell in love with the girl on the train

I didn't immediately like this song when I first heard it, it took me maybe 3 or 4 times to like this song. This song is a part of James' third single, Back from the Edge. James Arthur always has his own character on song. The color of song, his emotion when he sang on the music video, those lyrics which are deep enough, he has a strong character. It's kind of cool for the graduate from X-Factor to has the very strong charisma.  

Here we go, the surgical of the lyric, 
I just want to reviewing one stanza only: 
I swear that every word you sing  you wrote them for me
Like it was a private show, but I know you never saw me
When the lights come on and I’m on my own
Will you be there, will you be there?

Arrr, it's kind of fun. You know, when we have crush on someone it feels like every word they say has something to do with us. When the light come off (in his dream), she's his but when the light come on (means he's wake up) she's no longer belong to him. Will she be there? WILL SHEEEE?? Oh, poor James.

Last and maybe least, in conclusion, I loved James' finger movements at 2:02 and 2:07, so emotional. It's like a movements of emotion when you want someone else's. Cheers. 

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