The Best Place On Earth to Find Your Sweetie

A place is never be just a place. A place could represent the society, their interest, also prespectives. We can identify the characteristic of someone by identify the place he or she frequented. Night club for example, a place that filled with funky human who like to dance with the 'jedag-jedug-gedebug-gedeblag' sound. Or my be house of worship, a place where the religious people gather

The most interesting thing about 'place' and the 'characteristic of human' for me is.. my question of in what kind of place I would find my wife? Will she be a religious person and we'll meet at church? Or, will she funky enough? or will we meet at random place which doesn't represent any clear characteristic? This is interesting. So far, I've identified the best place on earth to find my sweetie. This place is kind of that some people do not really like to visit, but it could be the others do. 

Not a nightclub, because I am myself don't realy like that kind of place with  'jedag-jedug-gedebug-gedeblag' sound that can create me a headache. Not church or other house of worship too, because based on my research, there are so many HYPOCRITES people who roam in the house of worship. You know what I mean right? It simply means like.. we must have one friend or some friends who is super hypocrite but they often go to the house of worship. Disgusting.

So, ladies and gentlemen, I present to y'all, the best place on earth to find your sweetie..

should be..

      goes to..


Yeah, I have strong point of view about this. I was quite often in a bookstore to find  books. There was a sense of comfort as I rounded the bookshelf either to see the book I was looking for or just to browse through books I didn't recognize. In my journey of rounded the bookshelf, I often meet some beautiful girls who are also looking for books. Somehow I just realized, this place, bookstore, is a right place to find a sweetie.

First of all, bookstore is a soothing place which is filled with intellectuality. No jedag-jedug-gedebag-gedebug sound, just sounds people passing by with multiple conversations. Else, bookstore is not only about a nerd, that's too conventional. Many people are too often brainwashed by stigma or stereotypes, which claiming that bookstore is a symbol of bookworm, nerd, and other nation of freak society. Come on fellas, there are many good looking person here in the bookstore who are looking for intelectuallity. 

As long the person isn't too radically freaky nerd or sort of that, people who like to read books are fun and knowledgeable. In conclusion, it seems unnecessary to be explicitly explained where to find such that kind of entities.

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