To Love or Not to Love (2017), The Rising of Cheated Innocent Girl

Celestial Movies oh Celestial Movies. I don't even remember since when I became one of asuk-asuk who loved to watch Celestial Movies on the tv cable. I just watched Hong Kong Romance entitled To Love or Not to Love on Celestial Movies this morning. Actually, it's a rewatch, because I've watched this movie streamingly a moment ago like 3 weeks ago, maybe. The storyline of this movie is just great at the beginning when the plot of time was back on the school days, but it's kind of mainstream and be forced towards the ending.  

But it's okay, this movie still a great movie. I loved to scrutinize the rising of innocent girl with a cute relation when she being cheated, and then she becoming love goddess and end up with past misunderstandings. 

Venus Wong
Edward Ma

To Love or Not to Love (2017) Synopsis:

17-year-old Casey studies hard as she prepares for her college admission examination. Her parents forbid her from getting into a romantic relationship so that she can focus on her studies, but like all teenage girls, Casey dreams of having a boyfriend. Her dream is soon realised as she starts to go out with Elton, who sits in front of her in class, but their relationship is short-lived as Elton breaks her heart. Few years later, the two meets each other again, and love sparks once more. But with the appearance of another man - the perfect guy Adam - in Casey' life, she has to make a truly hard decision as she also learns the truth behind Elton's breakup.

Reviewing To Love or Not to Love (2017)

First of all, if you are a girl, let's imagine this situation: When you want to suprising your boyfriend on his birthday and endup with finding your boyfriend is lying down on bed with 'another girl who is sexier and her boobs is bigger than you' bend over your boyfriend.  

...and that's how the broken hearted story of casey began. 

Ah, back to school days. The recipe of good romance movie with 'back to school days' on it always can be generalized with scenes in the future at first, and then flashback to school days and then back to the future. So does, this movie. The storyline of Casey and Elton whether on the school days or shortly after graduation is very interesting and fun to be followed. 

The most interesting part is not when Casey struggling for forgeting her bitter memories, but the most interesting part is when Casey re-meet again with Elton. I know that kind of scene will happen, and it does. Unfortunately, soon after they re-meet, the story of this movie is being.. umm.. mainstream, and kind of be forced. But the story isn't tasteless, because there is always the scene of met another man after all the broken hearted stories, and 'Adam' here is the character of the another man. 

In conclusion, this movie is great, although the story is a bit disturbed with be forced storyline at the ending. But I loved to recomending this movie to all girls who have just been cheated. It'll give y'all motivations. I would like to give  6.4 out of 10 for this 1 hour 54 minutes movie. 


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