Along With The Gods: The Two Worlds (2017), Kind of Sad Movie about Cha Tae Hyun and Reincarnation

Cha Tae Hyun is always a good guy who'll make us feel pity. Hello ghost, Miracle of Giving fool, Sad Movie, and now I present to y'all: Along With The Gods - The Two Worlds. This movie is a fantasy movie with some elements of religion belief which is uniquely executed and visualized. The concept of this movie is marvelous, but unfortunately there is maybe one or two scenes that ruin the story with all the nonsense. I know it's a fantasy movie, but if the nonsense is just exaggerate it'll ruin the story, right?

I had time to assume if this movie is kind of sucks because 'that nonsense' scene. But.. the ending of this movie just change my assumption. The relations of younger brother, older brother and their mother just so emotional and this movie execute that kind of emoiton very well. I would like to rate this movie with seven out of ten: 5 for the nonsense 'sand control' scene, 9 for the ending story.  

Cha Tae Hyun
Ha Jung Wo

Along With The Gods: The Two Worlds (2017) Synopsis:

Having died unexpectedly, firefighter Ja-hong is taken to the afterlife by 3 afterlife guardians. Only when he passes 7 trials over 49 days and proves he was innocent in human life, he's able to reincarnate, and his 3 afterlife guardians are by his side to defend him in trial.

Man, this plot of story just too short. Don't blame me, I got it from Lotte Entertainment. I was lazy to write it myself. 

Along With The Gods: The Two Worlds (2017) Review:

What if.. we'll face court of our sin after we die? Not a sin in general, but ini specific scope such as: lie, laziness, violence, etc. This movie briefly is about Cha Tae Hyun and 'that kind of court' after he died. 

The concept of the story is marvelous, the execution and visualization is great, the ending is awesome, but the nonsnse scene is sucks. I dont think this movie can be suit for audience in general. Because if the audience is not accustomed to let's say korean-fantasy movie then it could be the audience consider this movie as a freaky movie. 

This movie is full of green screen technology by the way. The execution of reincarnation with court of sin is a briliant idea. Some past stories and flashback here is because of the trial, and I think it's make the story become very unique.  Ha Jung Wo with his charisma plays an important role besides Cha Tae hyun here as the liaison. The plot will play around the past stories of some characters, and also 'unseeked truth'.

Overall, this 2 hours 20 minutes movie is fun to watch. The concept of the story is really interesting. Unfortunately, some nonsense scenes here slightly damaged the story. But just take it easy, because the ending of the story is just great. 



  1. Great movie review!!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It seems like a lot of movies these days have nonsense scenes (some more than others).

    1. hello there, I do agree with you!
      thanks btw

  2. Great review! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. You make the movie sound so interesting!

    1. hi Amy, I guess.. you are from the blogging group of Helena?
      thanks btw.