Why I Don't Like Superhero Movies.....

I haven't watched any of avengers, although I've a shirt with Avengers logo on it which I bought in Melaka. I haven't watched Deadpool, Ant Man, or Black Panther and its Wakanda. I never even watched movies about Spiderman or Superman completely from the beginning to its ending. Man, Superhero movies just soooooooooo childish for me. 

My last Superhero movie was Justice League in 2017. If it weren't for friendship, I certainly will never watched it on cinema. Come on, Superman back from the dead? He thinks he's Jesus? I'm not try to saying I hate Superhero Movie, I just don't like it. Superhero Movie generally preferring visualization and technology rather than the story. Well that's all fine, but for a person who prefers the story rather than action, Superhero movies are sooooooo childish. 

First of all, I just hate the concept of 'the hero should always win'. Almost of Superheroes always win in their movie, right? And.. and if they died, they will came alive just like what the Superman did in the Justice League. Second, let's talk about the story.  Almost of Superhero movies have a common in plot story: First they are a good citizen who have a super power, then enemy attacking the world, then sadly Superhero seem to lose, but because of hardwork they just win the fight. GOD DAMMIT. 

Only children who always liked the happy ending such as the victory of their heroes. An adult should like a dynamic condition, because we know that the world is more cruel than what we imagine when we were child.  Adults liked  twist plot, meanwhile children liked an 'easy to guess' plot. 

Instead of cursing Superhero movies, let's comparing it with some genres and see how childish Superhero movies are.

  • When material arts are much better than nonsense super power

Who is superman? Tell him to take off his costume, and fight with Tony Ja, or Iko Uwais, or Ip Man. I bet he'll battered, and it's no longer important that he's from kryptone or wherever it is. Action movie with material arts on it much better than movie with nonsense super power. It's more rational and make sense, and make it more cool than Superhero movie. The fight will be more epic because of 'make sense'. For example, who isn't amazed with the super fast punch of Ip man? And who are amazed with flying superman or the spider web of Spiderman? The Super power of Supehero does not always impress us because we already know if it's a nonsense. 

The story of material arts usually more dynamic than just 'the hero always win'. For example, It's better for me to watch Hong Kong action movies such as SPL 1: Kill Zone (2005), when Donnie Yan (Yas, the IP man) as the hero died fell from the top of the building. It shows if the hero, the main character, doesn't necessarily have to be always won at the ending. In conclusion, Wing Chun, Muay Thai, Pencak Silat, Karate, Kungfu, are much better than spider web, invisible power, control the sea, or some kind of that. 

  • Romance stories even more dynamic than a boring plot of Superhero movie

Talking about the story of movie is talking about the plot. As I've told before, The plot of Superhero movies just so boring: First they are a good citizen who have a super power (some of them are badass) -> then enemy attacking the world -> then sadly Superhero seem to lose -> but because of hardwork they just win the fight. The plot of Superhero movie is just inversely proportional to the plot of romance movie. It's better for me to watch a romance movie than Superhero movie.

Many of romance movies have a dynamic plot. A man meet a woman and the woman has Alzheimer's disease just like A Moment to Remember (2004), or The Notebook (2004). Or Titanic, when the man meet the woman and then their luxury ship is sinking and the woman survived by lying on a floating door and the man died whereas the man can also survived by lying on the same floating door because the floating door is wide enough for 2 people. Or..  the boy and the girl making love in the library and then the boy died at the ending just like Koizora/Sky of Love (2009).

  • Thriller-Mystery explicitly more suspense than just fighting with freaky enemy

Here it is, my favourite genre of all time. Thriller-Mystery ususally is about a make sense story of action mixed with puzzle of mysteries. Both of them are perfect combinations. Here's the formula: a good thriller + a good mystery = suspenseful. Pure suspense, Superhero movie doesn't have it. How can the movie become suspense if the plot of the story is easy to guest? 

Thriller-Mystery is a really perfect combinations. Makes sense, usually twist ending because of the mystery, and the important one: creating suspense situation. I've watched a lot of thriller mystery movies whether it's western just like english and spanish or Asian just like Korean, Japanese, and Chinese. Korean thriller mystery is the good one. I'm addicted with Korean thriller mystery movies since I was junior in Senior High School. I've watched a lot of them, and here's the top 3: Montage (2013), Cold Eyes (2013), and The Five (also 2013). There are many more, certainly.

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