How Have You Been?

   You always late as usual, aren't you? 
   Stay up late to work and don't sleep well?  
   Waiting you to achieve your goals

Nope, I don't ask anyone, just translating a lyric.

   Can you continue to weep with me and laugh at me? 
   Allow me to think for you, get crazy for you and grow old with you?
   How have you been? I really want to know.

Nope, still don't asking anyone, still translating a lyric. A lyric of chinese song. Taiwanese, actually. Since I don't really care about One China Policy, let's recognize Taiwan as Taiwan.

I don't even remember since when I started listening to this song. I only remembered the first time I heared this song is maybe in 2016, by accident. This song was played from video recomendations on youtube soon after I listened to other mandarin song. Since that time, I still listen to that song massively until this time. The song itself entitled 你,好不好 or let's say 'How Have You Been' in english. It's not really hard to interpret the idea of this song if we look at the lyric above. 


Once again, I need to tell the world if I'm not broken hearted or let's say be in the doldrums, I just loved to hear broken hearted song. That's it. Whether it's western or 'oriental',  as long as the rythm and its tone nice to be heared, the song itself gonna be a good song, right? The thing is just about our parameter of taste. I often listen to mandarin song since I'm in the college without apparent reason, by the way. I listen to J.J. Lin, Mayday, Lee Hom, and many more including Eric Chou himself. 

Broken hearted song often tell us about a good story behind that song, while jedag-jedug-gedebag-gedebug song is just too random and sometimes make people acting independent but actually they don't. Alright let's go back to this song. This song is just.. special, because I don't know why this song always be one of my options everytime I opened youtube.

There's one interesting story about this song. I only have one song on my phone, and I downloaded my only song on iTunes by paying IDR 7K. This mandarin song is my only song on my phone. Back to 2016, after bought iTunes Gift Card, I bought this song, too. I was never care about music playlist on my phone at all, but since I listened this mandarin song massively then I ended up downloading it. Buying it, I mean. Yes, 2016 and there's a boy who doesn't know the fact about his phone: getting a song on phone with an apple fruit logo can be obtained for free.

Let's just interpret this song. Generally, this song is about a question for a girl who (I'm not sure) alreday died. Just a simple question about 'how have you been'? From that kind of question, this song comes alive. Actually, it's not really hard to answering the question of 'how have you been?' to a girl who already died. First of all, it depends on her religion or how did she die: if she's a buddhist then she probably already reincarnated, if she atheist maybe she doesn't become anything. Or if she died in 'water well', then she'll become the ghost who'll come out of your television. 

So, how has she been? 
It's all depends on her religion as well as how did she die. 


  1. Loved the song, am actually a Wuxia fan.

    1. wow! You know this song? glad to know that X)
      Wu Xia? You mean, Hu Xia? The one who sing those bygone years (ost you are the apple of my eye)?