Interpret Taiwanese Movie - Mom Thinks I'm Crazy to Marry a Japanese Guy (2017)

Sometimes, the 'based on true story' label on a movie can convert our opinion about the movie, from not too good become good enough. Just like this movie with its interesting title, Mom Thinks I'm Crazy to Marry a Japanese Guy (2017). The story is interesting, but somehow just tasteless because of less conflict. But after I found out that this movie is based on true story or more precisely non fiction book, somehow this movie seemed to level up. I choose 'interpret' instead of 'review' because one reason: there is no subtitle for this movie when I was watching it. 

Actually there was a subtitle, but in traditional mandarin and it's just funny and kind of inefficient when mandarin movie got a mandarin subtitle, it's a common thing by the way. Since it's a Taiwanese movie, then the traditional mandarin becoming its subtitle. I'm okay with that, I've watched chinese movie without subtitle tho' before. And just like 'before', I understand the story but not a hundred percent for the dialogues plus there are several Japanese dialogues tho'. So, I was just interpreting some scenes, assisted with my lenguage capability

Jia Man Shu
Yuta Nakano

Mom Thinks I'm Crazy to Marry a Japanese Guy (2017) Synopsis

Yi-han is a Taiwanese girl who not only has a love for Japanese culture, but also majors the language in college. One day, Yi-han receives a Facebook message from a Japanese guy named Mogi. From then on the pair begin to interact through Facebook. During a holiday trip to Taiwan, Mogi finally met Yi-han for the first time, where time seems to pass even more quickly when they are together. Over time, with the frequent exchanges of messages, they begin to develop mutual feelings for each other, but can they make things work despite the circumstances?

Mom Thinks I'm Crazy to Marry a Japanese Guy (2017) Review

Just imagine this situation: you are in love with Japanese culture, and one day you met a humble Japanese and fell in love. But your mom wont allow you because (I'm not really sure) of conflict between Japan and your country in the past.  That's the outline of this movie.

As I mentioned earlier, this movie just tasteless because less of conflict. Whereas the title is very caught my attention. Watching it without english or Indonesian subtitle is quite challenging for me, and maybe that's what keeps me going to the end instead of the story itself. The visualization is good, the main actress is energetically beautiful, but the story just a little weak. I enjoyed the visualization more than the story. I think the visualization of the street, and geographical conditions just guide me to travel to Japan or Taiwan.

The interesting fact is this movie based on non-fiction book which means it's based on true story. The story by Mr and Mrs Mogi is the original one, when Taiwanese girl who fell in love with Japanese culutre met her Japanese guy, the relation banned my her mom, and.. struggling for approval. I bet this story will not be made into a movie if the story by Mr and Mrs Mogi on their book wasn't popular. 

In conclusion this 1h 34m movie is quite interesting because its title and the 'based on true story' label. I enjoyed the visualization that guide me to travel. But unfortunately the conflict just tasteless.


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