Trinity's the Naked Traveler: Books vs Movie?

The naked Traveler is one of my favourite 'blog stories that made into books'. Trinity as the writer tell her story lightly, interestingly, and of course educatively. Thing I like the most about her stories is her stories educating the reader interestingly. As a travel writer, all of her stories that she wrote certainly based on true stories. Her ability to 'spice up' her funny, sad, absurd, and also unforgettable experiences making her story very interesting and educational. 

Trinity is not a borjouis, she's an ordinary backpaker, but she has been to many countries. There are many countries that have been visited by her. Asia, America, Africa, Europe of course, Australia, she has visited the entire continent and left many interesting stories. Her book is not a trilogy, but sevenology or whatever it's called because she has written 7 books of travel which some of them have been translated into English. Trinity is an Indonesian, by the way. 

Not just books, her stories have also been filmed and played in 2017. There are some aspects of her books and movie that are interesting to be compared. After reading many of her stories, there is a big question mark on my mind: how old is she? I've tried to googling it, but there was no definite explanation. I guessed she was 39 or around 40. Well, let's just comparing her books and movie. 

Books: Guide us to travel through our imagination

Why is all of her books enetitled The Naked Traveler? Does she naked while traveling? Nope, don't just interpret it explicitly, kiddo. So far, the majority of media only reveal a traveling activity and travel destination by its beauty. Whereas, there are many ups and downs while traveling. So, why does it call naked traveler? Because Trinity wanted to reveal ups and downs of traveling as it is, just like naked: not covered up.

I've just read 3 of her books: 1,2,7, and I got the 3 and 4 still wrapped neatly, meanwhile I don't have the 5 and 6. Even if I've just read half of them, I can see the patern of all of her stories: light and educative. All of her stories are educate the readers about culture, social, economy, even politic and other aspects. The interesting thing is, her books are kind of daily life stories so all of the books were written lightly. So, all of them aren't hard to interpret.

Since all of them aren't hard to interpret, this books of naked traveler are the right choice to be taken anywhere. Because to make book as an entertainment in public places, we need a book with light stories on it. Daily life book is one of perfect choices to be read in public. So, this naked traveler series is one of the perfect choice that guide us to travel through our imagination, even though we read it in public places. 

Movie: when Trinity just too thin and young, also annoy by romance story

The annoying thing from the book that being filmed is when the imagination of the reader doesn't in the line with the execution of the film. Trinity repeatedly describes herself as a fat and not a young woman on her books. But if we looking the movie of her Naked Traveler, she was represented by Maudy Ayunda. Maudy is perfect, but she's too young and thin to become Trinity. I know, the purpose is to make the movie salable because the movie probably not salable if the main actress is old lady who loves to travel. But still, it's collide with books reader imagination of Trinity. 

Based on the story, the movie is interesting but half-hearted. Trinity has a lot of travel stories but there are only several travel stories in the movie. Makassar and Lampung domestically, Phillipines and Maldives abroadly. I know it will cost very much if the filming locations took place in many countries, but it doesn't fair for 'The naked Traveler' if filming in just 3 countries including Indonesia.

Last, we need to admit that not all un-romance movies fit in romance story. Some of them do, but some leftovers don't. The movie of Naked Traveler here doesn't fit with romance conflict and story. I don't know why, but the romance here is very annoying. It's not about Hamis Daud and Maudy Ayunda, it's about travel stories, and whoever the cast if the romance story doesn't fit with the story then it will be sucks. 


  1. Setujuuuuuu :D. Aku sendiri ga terlalu puas ama movienya. Bayangan yg jd trinity ga cocok, ceritanya juga ga semenarik bukunya :D. Aku termasuk fans berat trinity, semuanya bukunya aku komplit, dan dialah alasan utama kenapa aku rutin traveling dan hobi wisata ekstreme :) . Dia penyebabnya hahahaha. . Makanya lgs kecewa pas liat film trinity kemarin, terlalu jauh dr bukunya. Sampe aku bayangin sih jev, siapa ya kira2 yg cocok utk jd mba trinity :)

    1. yap... begitulah. Kalau dibilang yang cocok buat jadi trinity sih, body-bodynya nunung mungkin ya. Tapi sutradaranya juga pasti sadar kalau filmnya tidak akan terlalu menjual kalau yang main bukan aktris yang aduhai. Lebih disayangkan karena cerita roman yang annoy membuat filmnya kerasa... maksa.