5 English Asian Youtube Channels You Wouldn't Regret to Know! Number 3 Just So Legit

Being Asian is awesome, because being Asian is being culturally richI've always loved Asian culture, especially the east one. East Asia culture is much more interesting for me than western culture. It's probably because I love to watch East Asia movies. Asian always has a way to make a good story whether by directing movies or youtube videos. I've seen many impressive youtube videos by Asian whether Asian in its home country or host country (why does it sound like the definition of Multination Cooperation?). 

The point is, I want to recomend several Asian Youtube Channels which you wouldn't regret to know in this post. Come with me, here we go.

1. Enjoying reactions and challenges of American Born Chinese on LIT


LIT 我的海漂时代 is a youtube channel which directed by American Born Chinese named Terry. On its videos, LIT often shows reaction videos or challenge videos which the main cast are ABCs too. Not only ABC, because on some of its videos the cast were 'pure' Chinese or North America Student. I dont know why, but sometimes it's just fun to see reactions of others about random things. The best element on LIT is the ABCs are so funny and have interesting reactions.  

2. More good acts and short movies on Wong Fu Production

                                               when Minho from Maze Runner broken heart

Again, American Born Chinese. Wong Fu Production is one of the most impressive youtube channel in the content of 'short movies'. Great acts, great visualization, great concept of story, and they usually made a perfect short movies video. That short movies above is one of my favorites. Just a right video to watch after the heartbreak realized if She or He already has a boyfriend or girlfriend. Not only a romance, there are many videos of Wong Fu that based on another aspects of life.

3. Southeast Asia's style on JinnyBoyTv


Josephine Yap just sooooo legit. That's why this number 3 is so legit. Josephine Yap herself is the part of JinnyBoyTv actress. And she's legit.

JinnyBoyTv is a Malaysian Youtube channel which directed by Jinny. One of the best Asian Youtuber in its home country. I know if that's a well known Singaporean youtuber too named Jin Hao Tan, but I dont know why it seems like Jinny just better than Jin Hao Tan. Just like Wong Fu, there are many short movies that dominated by romance. JinnyBoyTv usually made a great acts, great visualization, and great concept of story too. The short movies above is one of my favourites.

4. More Malaysian on TheMingThing 


Malaysian youtuber is pretty impressive. Besides JinnyBoyTv, there is TheMingThing. Other than that, there is Dankhoo Production but recently Dankhoo just less interesting in making a video. TheMingThing is Malaysian youtube channel which directed by Ming. He made many good videos whether short movies or just random videos. That video above is one of my favourites too, when advertising video became a fun story.

5.Let's smile while watching Nigahiga


Here's the boss: Nigahiga. Nigahiga is an american youtube channel which directed by one of American born Japanese: Ryan Higa. Ryan made many funny videos also some epic music parody videos on his channel. You'll see his totality on every of his videos. He's kind of super passionate humble guy. Unlike Wong Fu or Jinny, his videos aren't dominated by romance.  


  1. I'm so lost with You Tube channels that great suggestions are always welcome!

  2. NigaHiga is from my hometown! We went to the same high school. What a small world :D

    1. really? wow.. wow.. wow...
      That's so cool

  3. YES, votes for NigaHiga and I am now subscribed to Wung Fu Productions! Cool channels for sure!