Be With You (2004/2018), Definitely My Favourite Romance Movies of All Time

left: 2018,            right:2004

There is Japanese romance movie entitled Be With You or "Ima, Ai Ni Yukimasu". I've watched that movie when I was in 8th grade. I've rewatched it too when I was in 11th grade. I really enjoyed the story, and today I just realized if that movie could be my favourite romance movie of all time. Korean also remade this movie in this 2018 with So Ji Sub on it. The remake is impressive, but the original one still the best. 

When I was in 11th grade, I've wrote the review of this movie on this blog in bahasa soon after I rewatched it. That was the first independent movie review on this blog, but I just realized if that review is kind of sucks. So I just want to reviewing this beautiful movie one more time. I mean, movies. And reinforces that these movies definitely my favourite romance movies of all time. Mark my words, Mark Zuckerberg, hehehe.

Yūko Takeuchi                               
Shidō Nakamura
So Ji Sub
Son Ye-jin

Be With You / Ima Ai Ni Yukimasi (2004/2018) Plot

So, to generalized both movies, I'll make the plot using 'husband' 'wife' and 'child' instead of the name of the character. In japanese version itself, the character named Mio and Takumi, also the child named Yuji. Meanwhile, in Korean version the character named Woo Jin and So Ah and also the child named Ji Ho.

Wife's death leaves husband and 6-year-old son fending for themselves. But before she died, the wife has promised to her son that she will come back one more time when it comes to rainy season a year after she died. It sounds like fairy tale for the husband, but it's a hope for her child. When the rainy season comes, the wife really shows up. But when the rainy season seems to gone, the wife also gone forever. These movies briefly are about how the father and child treat 'the wife' after she come back for uncertain time. With some flashbacks, these movies just so beautiful.

Be With You / Ima Ai Ni Yukimasi (2004/2018) Review

This movie just soooo beautiful. Imagine the 'slow but pleased to be followed' storyline of movie that can impressed you when the first time you watching it, and when you rewatch the movie once again you still impressed. And that's how these movies are.

Just like other japanese movies, the rythm of the storyline of these movies are pretty slow but pleased to be followed. The main content here for me is 'the flashback' session of the wife and the husband. Flashbacks that reveal the story of both of them who like each other secretly, dated, and then got married. There are 2 versions of flashback, the husband's from the middle of movie, and the wife's at the end of the movie. Both of flashbacks are like 2 prespectives which are become puzzle that complement each other. The story constructed by some beautiful relations such as wife-husband love story, and parent-child harmony.


It's not a simple thing to identified a movie as your favourite movie of all time, right? I've watched a lot of romance movies from several countries and languages, but in my opinion 'Be With You' still the best. Storyline is the substance for me to judge a movie, visualization or else just another thing. These movies whether the Japanese or Korean version have a slightly different style although depart from the same storyline. Both storylines aren't identic, some scenes are different but essentially same.

The Japanese version is really great, no doubt. Meanwhile, the Korean version is impressive. I've to admit if Korean version is sadder when we looked at the family relation between parent and child. I'm not easily feel sad for something, I really am. When it comes to romance like the boyfriend died or the girlfriend died, it's just a mediocre for me, I don't feel sad because that kind of thing. But when it comes to family relations, it could punched me because family relations usually are more applicative, rational, and make sense. Just like the Korean version of this movie, when the little boy give his speech in front of his friends and other parents. It's punched me, really.

In conclusion, these movies are beautiful because of their unique and pleased to be followed storyline. The romance on flashback and the family relation create a wonderful interactions. So, just checked out these ±2 hours movies. If the 2004 version is to 'old school' for you, then checked the 2018 one. If you ask me, I would like to recommend you to watch both.

The Japanese Version:


The Korean Version:



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