Waiting For You to Finish Class

I just found a good new song. It's chinese song by Jay Chou, entitled  等你下課 or in english will be.. 'Waiting For You to Finish Class' or just 'Waiting For You', it's okay. I've to admit if this song is one of the song with the most unique lyric I ever knew. First of all, don't you ever underestimate the power of falling in love silently. 

                                                                           The Cover One                                                              

     I rented an apartment in your alley,
    In order to meet you unexpectedly.
    I got a job, it's very close to your dorm.
   When I started to learn how to make waffles, I realized you didn't eat breakfast.
   There you pass, Can you tell me what did you hear from your headphones?

                   .....just the sample of the lyric in english.

Everyone has different definitions and parameters about good song. Mine is when I started to listen it, I just.. always repeat it over and over, many times. So does, this song. The lyric is soooo.... unique. There is an obvious concept, a concept of falling in love silently. I like the story that keeps this song feel alive.

So, my first encounter with this song is when I was in my friend's house to accomplish a project. There were some friends who played kind of multiplayer game which is played by choosing a song to be the rhythm of the characters' dance. I used to be a player of this game when i was in Junior High School, and I know it's a little bit childish for me now, and also for my friends to play it. I asked my friend randomly, is there any chinese song in this game? And then she found a Jay Chou song, and then played the game with it. Volia, it was my first encounter with that song. Somehow, my intuition whispered if I'll often listen to this song. Goks.

     Remember the love letter I wrote to you? What decade is it?
     And now I'm still writing it
     One day (you) will realize
     that someone silently accompanied you by your side
          ...Just the sample of the reff.

Once again, the lyric is so unique. It's constructed by a good concept of 'falling in love silently'. The theme of this song itself is kind of youthful, and somehow it's familiar. Falling in love silently is a story we're all familiar with, right? I mean, we've been at least once in our lives admired someone but we're pretend that we're not. 

Unlike the other broken-hearted song which the lyrics are too general, this Jay Chou's feels more micro or specific beacuse it's elaborate the conditions: Rented an apartment in your alley In order to meet you unexpectedly, got a job which is very close to your dorm, started to learn how to make waffles because realized you didn't eat breakfast. In conclusion, this song shows the shape of 'falling in love silently' uniquely and classy, not tacky.

                                                              the original one

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