PS I Still Writing

when it comes to holiday for a semester break, believe me many of your friends will be in Bali. Whether it's your classmate, your senior, or junior, or even your relative, Bali indeed is the right place to enjoy semester break. Many of my friends were in Bali in the last semester break. Enjoyed their morning in Beratan Bedugul, and then Uluwatu, had lunch at Bebek Tepi Sawah, also spent the afternoon to looked at sunset in Kuta Beach. 

Home sweet home,
I was here in the last semester break. My sweetest stopover. I joined many of 'National Essay' Competitions in the last holiday of semester break. Not only essay competition, I was also in the last progress of finishing my web programming project at the courses to create an E-commerce. When my friend was in the Beratan Bedugul enjoying the creation of god, I enjoyed my morning with the creation of my coffee maker, and a lot of research. When my friend had luch at Bebek Tepi Sawah, I had to do more research. I can't captioning any quotes to describe my last semester break, unless: PS, I Still Writing. 

National Competition is a good point for our CV, right?  Since next semester will be the semester of my internship, It'll be great for me if I can show my capability in writing essay with label of National Competition on it.  Whether it's paid or free also state univ or private univ, just keep going, young man.  

Lambung Mengkerut University? What kind of university is that? After joined many competitions, I just realized there are some unique name of universities. Such as, 'Lambung Mengkerut' University which it was a misread. 'Lambung Mengkurat' is the right one. Not only in the context of University as its organizer, I also joined some competitions that held by goverment, particular community, and even.. politic party. The prize also variative, such as medalion, money, trophy, and holiday to South Korea or even.. New York! Cough. 

From all of the competitions, National Esay Competition which hosted by UII was just.. a bit disappointing. Many files to be prepared, including a file that stated if I'm the representative of my university. I went to the Student Center when it was a semester break, back and forth, and then.. I lost. Great. I just realized, it's very difficult to be the winner with the title of 'National'.

The other thing I just realized was National Essay Competition could be an intellectual way to traveling for free. Some organizers provide prizes in the form of traveling. South Korea, Japan, China, Some ASEAN countries, even.. New York. For free. Accommodation, filght ticket, even the tour guide. Goks. 

Some announcements came out with a disappointing result. But it doesn't matter, there will be another announcements. Now is the right time to end the hunt, I've inputted my CV btw. Let's hunt other things, young man. 


  1. Woww!! Such a good things to do! It seems like nowadays you are living your life to the fullest as a university students. And everything you've done is for sake of your future ; long way to go. Keep fighting then!

  2. Writing isn't for me but I push myself because I enjoy blogging. Don't worry, what you're doing now will lead you somewhere in the future. No experience is ever wasted. :)

    1. I do agree. No experience is ever wasted.

  3. keep fightin! when ur friends are enjoying holiday, u have to do ur research. believe me, what u doing is not a waste. u still have a long way to go through.

  4. Wow. English area nih kayaknya.

    I will try to reply with english to :D

    Keep writing!

    It such a wonderfull holiday ya. Hahaha...

    It's mean you are "anti mainstream" student :D

  5. Ayayay, thats a good thing to do. Just do your best when you're still young, maaaannn. Because what you do now, will become what you are in the future.

    Keep fighting, hey young man.

  6. tulisanmu makin bagus, makin berisi. Walo beberapa kali kalah di beberapa kompetisi, tp setidaknya kamu udh coba, pengalamannya dapet, dan jd pembelajaran ke depan. Pas aku jd mahasiswi dulu, perasaan ga prnh malah ikutan lomba menulis ato segala research begini, apalagi sampe tingkat nasional. :D.

  7. Selalu suka tiap makin kesini. Namun, setelah lama ngga mampir tau-tau udah Bahasa Inggris aja. Jadi kagok sih, vocabularyku masih cetek~