World Book Day: Have You Read Books This Year?


The more you learn, the more you earn. - Warren Buffet.

How's Life, Milennials? Z? Have y'all read a book today? If 'today' just too ridiculous, how about this week? Or, this month? Or else, let's say this year? It's tough to be answered, huh. 

Talking about book, there's a fact which most people don't know: today is a world book day. Sure, it's not important for many people, but it's kind of interesting for people who love to read. It's kind of interesting for me, yeah. I never thought if in this 2018 I'll be very productive in terms of reading books. I mean, 'being productive in reading books' wasn't on my 2018 resolution, it just happened. 

I could read 3-5 books per 4 weeks. Not too many, but i've done it with pleasure. I ususally read at night before sleep, or after drinking coffee in the morning, or when there's no work to do, and I also read book outdoors. Reading is a perfect escape for me, it really does. I don't know why, but it feels like.. the more I read the more I know what people around me don't know, and that's such a stealing start or 'nyolong start' in Indonesian. Stealing a start to know a lot of life knowledges which aren't known by people who don't like to read. That's a genius opportunity.

Because I'm generous enough today, I'll give one more fact which most people don't know: the richest man in the world, Bill Gates, once asked which superpower he would like to have, and then the richest man in the world replied if he want to have an ability to read books faster. It's not common people's thought, it's a world's special man thought. See? 

My Books, My Methods

I smell books
Other interesting thing after I became very productive in reading books is my method to read. I've tried some methods, and regardless of effective or not, it was fun. First, I've tried read one book then after I finished it I bought another book. Second, I've tried to buy many books, and enjoy them depends on the time: I read A in the morning, B in the night, and read C outdoors. And Now I just read my books as I pleased.

When you read one book and finished it, you can be more concentrated. When you read more than one book, your concentration may be slightly divided but it's just fun. What method is right for us will depend on ourselves, whether we more comfortable with this method or that method. I would like to advise you to try some methods in order to enhance your insight.

Alright, I've some tips for you who want to increase your reading interest. Play goodreads, start with the genre you like, and bring a book in your bag so you can read it in public places if you've got nothing to do like: you are waiting for someone, or waiting for class to start. And if you want to bring a book in your bag, make sure if the book you carry is a simple book like funny-unfiction book. Because it's kind of tough to interpret a 'hard book' in public places. 

I Am What I Read: Books I've Read In 2018

We are what we read, we really are. I've read several books with several genres in 2018. Dee Lestari, Robert Kiyosaki, Paula Hawkins, etc. They were fun. But I got a new insight on me after I tried some of Robert Kiyosaki's: Donald Trump Isn't that bad. 

Dee Lestari vs Trinity
Into The Water + The Dry = when thriller mystery books are fun
Economically... um
Dewi Dee Lestari and Trinity became top two writers on my bookshelf this year. It used to be Raditya Dika, but I think my taste just become more mature. I don't know why but I just interested in Dee's Supernova instead of her other books. Supernova got a simple and cool nover, well sometimes I'm judging book by its cover. Besides Supernova, I bought Dee's new book entitled Aroma Karsa. I haven't read that, but my intuition said it's gonna be fun. I also found out after read some books of Naked Traveler that when you read travel books, you could travelling through your imagination.    

Move to more suspense genre, I've tried 2 good thriller mystery books in this year: Into The Water dan The Dry. Both are great. Paula Hawkins return with her character in writing thriller, with echoed the name of characters and times. Just like her The Girl On the Train before. Other than those, I also read some economy books for a better insight of economy itself, of course. So, that's what I've read in this year. I mean, until this April. 

In this last paragraph, I just want to say happy world book day for those...

             ..who celebrate. 


  1. I am actually a bibliophile to the nth degree and i tend to finish a book ever 2-3 days. In fact my mum is always scolding me to read less and work more. Sigh, its an addiction!

    1. wohoho, that's an intellectual addiction :)

  2. I'd like that super power, too! Smiled to see "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" on your list. That's the book that first led me to start my own business. I've usually got 2-3 books going at all times :)

    1. wow! The power of 'Robert Kiyosaki", hope that we could get his financial intelligence :)

  3. I have tried those methods in reading and it depends on my mood and time. When I have a free time I prefer to read one book without getting interrupted.Heyyy! I feel like wanna buy a book by Radit, the cover is kinda funny :D TBH a book cover is the first visual impression for me beside the content. (just my personal preference).

    1. yas, sometimes it's okay to judging book by the cover.
      Raditya Dika is one of Indonesian comedy-personal literature writers. I mean, the most popular writer on his genre. Ubur-ubur lembur is his new one. But I'm not sure if his book has been translated into english :)

  4. I love the smell of the pages of a new book!! You have a good collection here

    1. damn yeah, me too. It's kind of the smell of intelectuallity. #teamwholovethesmellofnewbook