Parenting : Could be the Bourgeoisie of X Generation's Main Problem

First of all, I just keep on asking myself: I dont even have a child, how can I write a parenting article like this? But it's okay, I've got a theory, instead of child, cool. 

So, have you watched 'the viral video about 16 year old boy who wanted to burn Mr President's house' yet? His video went viral in Indonesia and created a massive controversy. Started from the let's say 'dare to do challenge', ended up with arrested by police. There was a polemic in every comment sections by netizen, but the interesting thing is the main focus of the criticism isn't about what he did, but 'who is he'. Rich kiddo, doctor's son, Chinese, even his muscular body. 

I would like to say that what the 16 year old boy did is one example of the bourgeoisie X generation's main problem: Parenting. Do I sound like Karl Marx? Oops. Why X Generation? Why not Baby Boom or Millenials? Well, for me, it's because their inability to control technological progress. I'm not saying all of them, but the majority. The Majority of X Generation growing up in the less globalized era, while millenials growing up in the more globalized era, so if we compare the parenting level: In case of technological progress' knowledges, millenials should be better in controlling the technology impact such as the use of social media for their child.  

How about baby boom generation and those previous generations? Since they were growing up in the war era and post World War era, I think they should be a good parents who taught their child about hummanity, peace, and love. Moreover, they live in the less globalized era and their child also growing up in 'less social media' era. Take Forrest Gump for example, his momma must be growing up in era of World War 1, right? His momma always taught him a good and sweet things so he always indoctrinated that life itself is like a box of chocolate. *Okay Jenny.... *

The X Generation

let's just recgonize them as X generation
X Generation is the name given to a generation born in the period of 1961-1981, while Bourgeoisie simply means capitalist. So, the Bourgeoisie of X Generation is a capitalist who was born in the priod of 1961-1981. The Majority of them have a child which is Z generation or.. just like the '16 year old boy who wanted to burn Mr President's house'.  As I've said, the majority of X Generation growing up in the less globalized era and In case of technological progress' knowledges, they slightly weak in controlling the technology impact such as the use of social media for their child.

Don't ever take it easy, ladies and gentleman of X Generation. When you lived it 21st century, you must have an ability or knowledges about technology, especially about social media not with the exception of parenting case. If you want to control your child nowadays, monitor their social media activites. Our child 'following' in social media is a good parameter to interpret his/her interest in social media. Their friendship, their favourite public figure, just keep monitoring them.

I recommend  you ladies and gentleman of X Generation to create a fake social media account, then follow your child to monitoring them secretly. Our child's intercommunication nowadays is based on their social media. Keep monitoring them, how many woman in bikinis they follow, how many breast enlargement accounts they follow, and keep focusing on their friends. Stay alert.  

The Bourgeoisie 

Here is another interesting part: the BourgeoisieDo I sound like Karl Marx again? So, if we are parents and we have a lot of money or maybe infinite, it doesn't mean if we got a life hack guaranteed to be a good parents. Talking about parenting is talking about method, not how much money you have. You can't buy relation with your child. It's true when you got a lot of capital, you can buy what your child want, but that's not a love, that's kind of spoil your child and that's a blunder. 

It could become a chaos when you don't have qualified knowledge about social media, and you always give your child what he/she wants. And that's why I say parenting could be the main problem of the bourgeoisie X generation's. First, the majority of them don't have qualified knowledge about social media (playing Facbook and Whatsapp doesn't mean you have qualified knowledge). Second, the majority of X Generation's child must be Z Generation which means they palyed social media massively. See the problem here? It's a huge mistake when you give your child facilities easily and you know nothing about your child social media activities. It can damage their manner, especially when they're still teenagers.

Manner is kind of serious thing. A good manner of your child starts from the education in family. Your method is a fundamental instrument to construct a manner of your child in the society. When you give your teenage child facilities easily and you called it love, actually other people would love to call it 'stupidity'. That 16 year old boy became a manerless person because 'those of indulgence' given by his parents. His parents are X Generation, by the way. 


  1. Interesting! I am from generation x - x generation but not the Bourgeoisie type. But yeah, I agree, the z generations action is usually a reflection of good or bad parenting.

    1. hi baby, I mean ms. baby
      Glad to know that you're X generation and not denied my opinion :)

  2. Sukaaak baca tulisanmu yg ini. Dan sebagai orang tua, aku beneran bakal ngelakuin apa yg kamu rekomendasiin. Bikin fake medsos, utk monitor anakku kalo nanti mereka udh aktif di sana :D

    1. hi mba Fanny, bagus!
      Jangan kasih kendur

  3. Wow u write in english, so amazing to know this. btw Maybe teach me english bro? I'm not very well speak english and write also huft :(

  4. I am curious to see what happens with the next generation. I am a Generation X parent who has a daughter. Although I'm very involved in Social Media so I have an eye on technology already. But I'm not sure technology is the only reason we are struggling to raise our children.

    1. okay.. this is interesting. I do agree, technology isn't the only problem. But since you're X Gen and your child Probably is a Z gen which means she plays social media a lot, technology could be the roots of the problemm, but not the only reason of course.