Trump, Putin, Xi, and Korean Reunification

Well, my title isn't too short, is it? Should I add Shinzo Abe too? Ugh.

Once upon a time, there was a proxy war between United States and Uni Soviet. There were some 'phenomenal' separated countries during that time. Let's say west and east Germany, north and south Vietnam, also north and south Korea. Those countries briefly reunified, except Korea, until today. But just now, after the 2018's Inter-Korean Summit between Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae In, they seem to be reunified. 

There are too many question marks on my head in response to the summit of Kim and Moon. What happen if Korea reunified tomorrow, or next week, or next month? Will it be the liberalized of North Korea? Or the South become more communist? Why Kim is so fat? If Kim used sunglasses and PSY was standing next to him with sunglasses too, wouldn't they be difficult to distinguished? Well, they could be a perfect duo of Gangnam Style.

From all of the question marks, the biggest one is about the liberalization of North Korea: how to liberalize North Korea? I mean, talking about liberalization to communist country in the post-modernism isn't just talking about ideological shock, but it's also about culture and social shocks. It will be a blunder for Kim when people of North Korea understand many things from liberalization. Anyway, how to introduce some products of liberal to people of North Korea for the very first time? I mean, how to mix their culture with K-POP, K-Drama, or let's say South Korea's entertainment world.

I find it hard to imagine 'The Return of Superman' in North Korea version. If there's Song tiplets in North Korea version, Song triplets could be thin, and maybe they wouldn't love dinosaur just like in south version, but they probably making nuclear weapon as their favourite. Let's say Minguk in south version would like to say "Father... there's a dinosaur... Tyranosaurus.." and Minguk in the North would like to say "Father.. there's a nuclear weapon.. the type is R-36M2 – ICBM" and then his father replied.. "Sorry son, I'm not your father, I'm the cameraman". JK.

                    Okay, let's take it serious. Let's talk about the most interesting part: external interests and external intervention in the Korean Reunification. My lecturer once told me "if" there will be a World War 3, then Southeast Asia most likely become the location of war. There are too many interests of great power in this region. China and North Korea alliance with Russia, Japan and South Korea alliance with US. It would be an interesting war with an interesting balance of power. But what if.. there is a Korean Reunification? How about their allies? Who will be the happy one and the upset one?

A Happy Trump

Trump, besides some good stories of him on Robert Kiyosaki's books, I couldn't get any inspirational thing from him. Until he became the main actor of Inter-Korean summit, at least that's kind of inspirational for Asia Pacific and the world peace. Talking about Trump's success in facing Kim is talking about denuclearization. It's really hard for the world to make Kim to stop playing around with his nuclear weapon, and then Trump elected president, 1 years later he become the main actor of Inter-Korean summit, Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae In smiling and holding hands together, Kim promised to denuclearization

One big question: why must Trump? I mean, why can't Bush or Obama did that before? With all of his controversional regulations, suddenly this man showed up as the peacemaker in Asia Pacific. It's not because his 'financial intelligence' just like what Robert Kiyosaki told in his books, but it's more likely because of his 'power intelligence' in allocating threat in the name of peace. 

US clearly on South Korea's side, and of course there is Japan too. Meanwhile, South Korea and Japan are 2 main targets of North Korea's Nuclear threat. If we interpreting the reunification rationally, Korean reunification should be a liberalization for the North. If that's the scenario, then it's clearly a 'big win' for US after decades. Donald Trump is the one who become the actor of US' big win. He must be very happy.  

Are Putin and Xi upset?

Actually, I don't really understand what Putin and Xi should feel. When the North Korea becomes more liberal it means they become more democratic and it also means what China and Russia have been done to the north will be worthless because at the end the north will let go its communist ideology. Doesn't that sound like peanuts forget the skin? Especially for China, because of  infrastructures, war weapons, and for what all has China done to North Korea all this time. 

But, on some news, China reportedly supports the reunification. Some sources said reunification is on China's strategy for its national interest, while others said China wouldn't support reunification. Dude, this is really dizzying but also fun to interpret. Logically, China shouldn't support the reunification, but in a strategy or let's say 'hidden agenda', they could support the reunification.

..and how about Russia? Logically and in strategy, Russia probably has similar things with China's, but it could be a different motive for its national interest. But the interesting part is in the domain of security. If there's only one Korea, will US withdraw its troops in South Korea? Whether it would be profitable for Russia or there's no effect at all, ugh. Okay, since this issue could be a main international issue throughout this year, let's just jump into the conclusion.

At the end, we can conclude if the reunification of North and South Korea probably has many hidden agendas. Whether it's for both, or external states just like US, China, Russia, or else. Korean reunification will succeed when both Korea themselves succeed to merge their ideologies. The economic growth of South Korea is very good, meanwhile the north's progress of armamenst regardless of denuclearization also very good. They got a chance to become economy and security provider, and therfore they could get a chance to become super rising power in the next few decades.

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