Fleet of Time (2014), It Should be More Stars for This Eddie Peng Movie

 Well I'm not a fan of Eddie Peng, but I add his name to this title because it will be more SEO friendly for this post. He's a really good actor by the way, I know him from Hear Me (2009), Call of Heroes (2015), and now.. Fleet of Time. Fleet of Time is a 2014 great romance movie but unfortunately it's quite underrated according to its IMDB rating. I just dont understand how could this movie got 5.6 rating on IMDB. It should be more stars, at least 7 or more than 'just below six'. 

Fleet of Time using 'back and forth' plot from the present time to the school life.  Do you know Jay Chou's Waiting For You and Eric Chou's How Have You Been? Well those 2 songs are very applicative to this movie. This movie generally got a simple story but still quite complex, let's say this movie is simply complex. Romance life in high school usually ended up when we're going to college, right? So does, this movie. Fleet of time offers a unique storyline about the reciprocal of friendship, fell in love silently, loving someone who loves other people, and betrayal.

Eddie Peng
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Fleet of Time (2014) Plot/Synopsis

Chen Xun, Fang Hui, Zhao Ye, Lin Jiamo and Qiao Ran is a group of close friends as they experience high school, college and eventually adulthood through the '90s and 2000s. They meet again at a friend's wedding in 2014, and recalls their romantic past through memories. Some Schools Lifes' romance memories such as friendship, fell in love silently, loving someone who loves other people, and betrayal once more echoed. 

Fleet of Time (2014) Review

If anything I could say that 'back and forth' plot is the superiority of Chinese/Taiwanese romance movie. Just like this movie, it's all began at the wedding ceremony and then recollect school life memories, back again to wedding atmosphere, back to life after school, and so on: the reciprocal of present time and past time.  

This movie breakdowns some romance conflicts reciprocally. Generally there are 2 main romance conflicts: betrayal and one-sided love.  It's very delightful to follow the Fleet of Time's story with its back and forth plot, it feels like the plot reveals a sense of curiosity slowly and that's what make this movie interesting. There's one fun fact that I know from this movie: China was in 2002 World Cup back then. 

Another interesting thing is this movie feels like omnibus because it's not only 'one couple' conflict, but there are some different conflicts of some characters. One-sided love is the funny and dominant one. I remembered a quote from this movie, "my first love was a joke, when I was in love with someone she was in love with someone else." And there you go, the dominant  conflict of this movie. 

In conclusion, this movie is a great Eddie Peng movie which is definitely underrated on IMDB. The back and forth plot and the simply complex stories making this 114 minutes movie as a good reference for y'all.


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