So Young (2013) - So Impulsive, So Conflictual

Youths are always impulsive as decision maker. It's become more interesting when it comes to romance, juveniles plus romance story could be really confluctual. Just like this 2013 Chinese romance movie: So Young. I accidentally watched it, and it didn't disappoint. The story is great, kind of not cheesy and conflictual. Thing I like the most of this movie is the visualization, the color of the movie. It's kind of classic scene with modern visualization. Maybe, the visualization pretty much like American Dream in China (2013).

Briefly, this movie is about classic college life with some romance, soical, and economic conflicts. The storyline just fun to be followed, and once again I liked the modern visualization of the classic scene. Apparently, this 2013 movie isn't really popular because there's a sequel of this movie (So Young 2) with Korean boyband members as the cast and that sequel just got more popular than the first one. Well I'm not really interested with the sequel but this 2013's is pretty impressive. 

Yang Zishan
Mark Zhao

So Young (2013) Plot/Synopsis

Zheng Wei starts her college freshman year as a civil engineer major to be in the same city as her childhood playmate, Lin Jing, whom she is determined to marry one day. When Wei visits Jing at his college dormitory however, Jing's roommate tells her Jing left for America. Unable to understand why Jing abruptly left without saying goodbye, Wei is left confused and heartbroken. Back in her college dormitory, Wei becomes close friends with her three roommates, Ruan Guan, the most beautiful and popular girl in the class; Li Weijuan, a practical and realistic girl who comes from a poor town but determined to marry well; and Zhu Xiaobei, a tomboy. The four girls talk about their goals in life, and all cheer to Ruan Guan's ambition—to have a youth that never fades away.

So Young (2013) Review

This movie is based on one of best selling novel, To Our Youth that is Fading Away by Xin Yiwu. Yap, because it's based on best selling novel, the storyline here is just great. I don't know it's just me or the main actress here and Michelle Chen are really look alike.

So, it's really interesting to see 'classic but not too classic' college life with its romance story. You know, without addiction of gadget, the romance is become more alive. I liked how this movie breakdown the problem in several aspects such as social or economy, and make this movie become more conflictual. In this movie, generally we can see how juveniles or let's say youths are really implusive and inconsistent. Today we can hate someone, and tomorrow we can love someone we hated yesterday.

The story isn't cheesy, it's more complex than just a transformation from hate to love, love to hate or enemy to friend although this movie generally is about the transformation of those kind of feelings. I've to admit if there are some stories at some scenes that seem to be 'forced', but it's still okay. This movie's story at the end is like a hanging story, but I really liked the last scene of this movie.

Great story, not cheesy, college life and its romance story, actress that look alike Michelle Chen, I conclude this 132 minutes movie would be a good references.


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  1. Aku jarang nonton film2 china gini. Tp td liat trailernya sepertinya memang menarik. Apalagi kalo ini adaptasi dr sebuah buku. . Btw, itu yg lagu soundtracknya mirip suara giring nidji yaaa :p. Irama lagunya juga :D