After 2 Socmed Less Semesters

It's a pretty tough topic, huh. Actually I don't know where to start. How about, 8 years ago and 10 months ago? 

Eight years ago, I met Facebook, few years later Twitter, few years later Instagram. And that's how I became timeline zombie for many years. For several years social media has always been the thing that I look for whether every time I waking up or sleep. After scrolling one timeline, move to another, and another, and another, and so on. The matters are, somehow when we played it massively we could became unproductive person and indirectly cultivate habits for comparing ourselves to others.

Ten months ago,  on my first day in semester 3, I was just challenge myself. What if I live my day without social media for at least 30 days? I spent several years on social media, and it's only one month to live without it, it shouldn't be that hard, it could be a perfect escape, with one compromise: it's okay to blogging and open youtube. That's 2 compromises then, okay. I was just wondering that time how beautiful the conventional romance stories are. The couple live without a massive gadget intervention, every encounter is a quality time. Take Love Letter (1995) for example, i'm suspicious of the modernization for famous scene of Love Letter when the girl was screaming over the snow "GENKI DESKAAAA". I bet if instagram has been existed in that era, that famous scene would be replaced by a post of that girl on instagram with caption: Genki Deska with some hastags on it. Let's say #cute #asian #japanesegirl.

The Escape Last Longer

It's only 1 month at first. But after got some positive thoughts and fresh insights, the challenge was became longer than that. How about, one year of college? Yeah, 2 semesters, wtih socmed less life. I kept playing it afterwards, but with fewer portions. Believe me, once you did that kind of escape, you'll realized if the problem wasn't about you but the problem was about people around you. There's a game nowadays called 'you're not going anywhere yet if you're not post anything on your social media'. That's so... insightless. Yeah, insightless, the right word since idiot is kind of sarcastic. I used to be a player of that kind of game back then, and I realized if that's kind of insightless thing. 

I mean, it's totally okay to post anything about our locations or activities but it's totally not okay to create a stigma to judge people with the game of 'you're not going anywhere yet if you're not post anything on your social media'. That's just.. insightless. Pathetic. Instead of playing that kind of game, I was playing another game called 'you're not reading any book yet if you're not post anything on your social media'. So I was post some posts of books on my story but I realized if that is so useless. At least, according to some data from international institutions about Indonesian youth interest in reading book. 

The End of The Escape

It's been almost one year of college then, I will take the final exam of 4th semester soon. Two socmed less semesters were an interesting experience to try. There are many things we can learn from this 'fasting'. We can learn about wisdom, we can learn about the art of feeling lost, etc. Sure, there will be  negative impacts too such as blasphemy, insightless judgment, or even FOMO (Fear of missing out). But it's okay, those negative impacts are pretty good for our mental toughness. Don't forget to find a right escapement. Since it's an escape, it's all about the right escapement.

In a humble conclusion, we live in the age of social media. Sure social media makes it easy for us to connect with others. But if we're too insightless, too wisdomless, it could be a blunder for us. Sometimes, 'disconnected' is a good way to gain some good insights before we reconnected with a wisdom. Disconnected could be a good way to start a good escape and once again, it's not about you but it's about people around you. Their judgments are quite healthy for our mental immunity. adiós! brrunette!


  1. Aku baru srkali ngerasain hidup tanpa sosmed. Pas 2010, lg traveling ke eropa 3 minggu. Di situ, aku ga nyentuh fb, bbm mati, ig blm ada, twitter jg blm ada :p tapi rasanya, puaaas sih. Aku bisa liburan lbh fokus. Baru setelah pulang dr sana, aku update foto2 dan semuanya.

    Kdg pgn sih ngerasain gitu lagi jef. Mungkin bisa aku coba pas umroh october ini. Dengan putus dr medsos, aku pgn lbh khusuk ibadah