Mentoring Was Very... Fun

              "My hobby is writing, and my uniqueness is.. brave." I said, for my introduction.

            "Woah, so we got a brave writer here? What kind of book will you write? Maze Runner huhhhh??"   he said. 

...And that's how I became a student mentor for one semester: met many students from different majors first at quarantine class, and one of them was a guy with glasses who was excitedly thought I would become a Maze Runner Writer. I forgot his major, maybe he's from IT or kind of that. So, when I was a high school student whether it's junior or senior, the thing I feared the most was becoming a teacher. As an uncalm student which is a bit stubborn, I knew how teachers are being gossiped, be reproached, or ignored. But in my fourth semester, I just became a student mentor, kind of teacher but privately with 2 students. 

Hunting scholarships is on my 2018 resolution. I've registered to an easy scholarship for being a student mentor at my univ so my 2018 resolution doesn't just become a rhetoric. I got 2 students, one senior and one fellow classmate. Although become a teacher is one of my fears when I was in High School, but in my conclusion, being student mentor was very.. fun. As long as your students are cooperative. 

It Was More Than Just Discounted Tuition Fee

Sure, discounted tuition fee was my major interest. I won't register if there wasn't a scholarship. But after I became the mentor, I just realized if being student mentor is more than just a discounted tuition fee. It's not just about how we teach, but also how we learn from what we teach. Yeah, it's pretty cliche but it's so on point. When we want to teach someone, it means that we must  learn the materials that we want to teach first. And when we are teaching someone, it means we re-learn what we've learned. It simply means it's a 'double' learns for us. 

So, when you became a student mentor, you dont need to be afraid of mid term exam or final term exam because you've learned the materials long before the term exam is held. My last mid term exam was a little surprising, good grades with two one hundred scores on two courses. Not a show off, just an example for how being a student mentor could be very fun for your grades. 

The Myths of Unfriendly Mentee

There are some myths of unfriendly mentee. Mentee itself is a term to define the mentor's student.  So, from the experiences of those who had been mentors, our mentee is the main problem of mentoring. They're hard to be invited to meet, they're hard to be contacted, and they're hard to be taught whereas as a mentor we need 10 signatures from our mentee as the signs that we have met them 10 timesFortunately, those stories of 'unfriendly' mentee were myth for me.

I got 2 mentees, and they were all friendly. I got one senior which is 3 years older than me, she is so friendly. Because of the different 'specialization', I just teached her langauge lesson for 10 times at her boarding house. I also got one fellow classmate, and she's so friendly too, teached her at campus. When the first time I contacted them to explain what the mentor program is, they were just so... friendly. It takes only maybe 2 minutes for me to get their replies. What a grateful condition. Being mentor was really fun. 


  1. kamu memang mahasiswa teladan siih :). kayaknya seumur kamu, aku cuma mikirin kuliah hrs cepet lulus, krn kalo sampe ngulang, biaya ngulangnya sama aja bayar 1 semester. ga kepikira untuk jd mentor segala ;p.

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