MR. Hurt (2017), a Funny Twisty Thai Movie about Broken Hearted Tennis Player

It Doesn't hurt when she has someone else, it hurts because I still love you -  2017, Mr Hurt
Ah, it's been awhile since the last time I watched a good Thai Comedy/Romance movie. I bet my last was One Day (2016), until I watched Mr Hurt (2017). Well this movie was played in theaters last year and I was too late to know that, and it took a long time to find this movie and its subtitle. Mr Hurt is funny, but for the storyline I think it's.. just good, some absurd and twisty scenes make it attractive. 

Just Imagine this: the guy in the I Fine Thank you Love You (2014) now becomes tennis player, and he has a very significant progress in speaking english, and he's broken hearted. That's how you define Mr Hurt (2017).

Sunny Suwanmethanon
Marie Broenner

MR Hurt (2017) Plot/Synopsis IMDB

A perfect world champion tennis pro "Don Sri-Chang" (Sunny Suwanmethanont) who is an idol for everyone. He's both lucky in game and lucky in love. His girlfriend is a superstar named Anna (Marie Broenner). Don is so much in love with her that he proposed her to marry him. Anna didn't like to have a commitment, and she doesn't believe in long last love. So, She turned his marriage proposal down. Don was left heartbroken and stopped playing tennis. He didn't attend any tournaments that he 's no income. His father also used all the money to invest in the bussiness, but it turned out to loss. Therefore, his father tried to get Don on the tennis match again. Don was too sad to do anthing. So he did nothing, but breath and sleep through the days. He went back to stay at Pattaya, the city where he grew up. 

Later, he's found out that his ex-girlfriend is dating with Jimmy the Rocket (Pongsatorn Jongwilak), number 1 rock star. Don was in sorrow and confused. After having sunk into misery for months, his long-lost friend, "Dew" appears from nowhere. Don thought she died from the brain surgery. Unlikely not, he doesn't believe that she's really Dew a friend from his childhood. So he tries to prove that is really her. In the meantime, Dew volunteer to help Don to win his girlfriend's heart again. With the good relationship, Don feels alive again. He gets back to the tennis tournament and still try to find the way back to love. On his important tennis match, Dew has disappered leaving Don with no clue. Don is no longer wants his girlfriend back. He has already in love with Dew.

MR Hurt (2017) Review

As I said, just Imagine the guy in I Fine Thank You Love You (2014) with a good progress in his english, he's a tennis player, and he's broken hearted. Ah, he also has an absurd father who likes to twisting a story. 

The absurd scenes should be the main instrument for MR Hurt to make the audience laugh. I don't think the storyline is really good just like One Day, May Who, or else, but the absurdities that create a twists here are really interesting. The 'actors' factor also make this movie very interesting. Besides the I Fine Thank You Love You Guy, there's also Pongsatorn Jongwilak, the ATM Er Rak Error guy which also played Phobia 1, Phobia 2, and Pee mak.

For the 'hard to moving on after get dumped' aspect, well this movie is kind of lacking in essence because the story itself generally not really unique. But once again, the absurdities here are quite successful in keep the comedy of this movie. Overall, this 128 minutes movie is a good funny twisty thai movie. At the end, for a reason, you'll realize if the dad must be the antagonist. 



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