Bucket list:  
(n) a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime.

It's a cliche term, isn't it? Yap, bucket list refers to our list of target. The term itself was introduced by a movie, "The Bucket List" (2007). The story is about 2 men who are dying and make a list of things to do before die. And voila, the term went viral and became generic. 

Even though bucket list isn't just about travelling, but this term is very popular in the world of traveller. In case of travelling, I've got many bucket list. I've crossed out one of them: Go to Toraja because I did it. But, there are still some destinations and activites in those destinations that I really want to do and crossed it out. 

If I reduced those bucket list to smaller number, well my main bucket list are...

  • Explore India, Explore its Culture

Whaaaat is sooo wrong with India? Why everytime I told people around me that India is a very great place to be explored their expressions change as if they were confused? 

Dude, India has many unique cultures and destinations to be explored. Well the crime rate is pretty high, and those bollywood movies build images as if Indian always dancing whenever they meet tree, fence, grass, power pole, and many more. But it doesn't rule out the fact that India is a very great place to be explored, right?  

Have you ever heard about Leh Ladakh? The beautiful place where the 3 idiots' ending scene was made. Or, Jaipur, Rajasthan, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, and so on. I watched many Indian thriller-mystery movies and those movies often took place at those cities and the vizualitations were adorable. Come on dude, India is a very great place to be explored.

  • Stick Finger to Bae Yong Jun's Nose at Nami Island
Hello Stranger (2010)
I've watched Hello Stranger, 2010 thai comedy movie. There's a scene when the guy make a joke with statue of Bae Yong Jun. That's funny, that's make me want to abusing that statue too, hahaha. Nami Island is kind of interesting, it's like on of the most popular korean destinations and I think it would be fun to be there, and stick finger to that statue just like the guy in the movie did. 

  • Watching Jay Chou's Live Concert
My mom was a fan of Jay Chou, She took me all of the concerts. She bought us tickets and she bought herself better ticket, and she didn't sit with me. - Derek, American Born Chinese.

Well that's a thug life, Derek 😂

Ah, who knows that I'll ended up liste to Jay Chou Song like.. frequently. After the waiting for you, I'm just started to see Jay as a charismatic person. Song writer, Music Video Director, Actor, wow, just wow. I listened to his other song too, such as What Kind of Man and I found it very interesting. So, it'll be very great If I could been at his concert. Maybe Malaysia, Taiwan, or Singapore, of course if there's in Jakarta.

  • Genki Deska?
Yamette kudasaiiiii wik wik wik wik
Wherever in Japan, someday when I'm going to Japan and it's snowy, I want to scream while saying "GENKI DESKAAAAA" just like the girl in Love Letter (1995). Whether at seven eleven, oshin, sushi kiost, wherever, as long as there's Japan and there's a snow.

  • Bungee Jumping at Macau Tower

"You jump, I jump". What a cilche quote for coward. Who needs a friend to jump, if you could challenging yourself to jump at the world highest bungee jumping place, Macau Tower? The height of this building is 233 meters or 764 feet and imagine that you are jumping from that height. I really... really..... and really want to do that. But it's pretty expensive for just jumping. But I bet it's worth with the experience. Someday I'll be there, for sure. 

         Well at the end making bucket list is very easy and fun, also exciting. But the realization wouldn't be that easy and fun. Realize our bucket list is not just about moment or money, but it's all about timing. Sometimes we got a perfect moment, but we've no money and sometimes we got money but the moment sucks. So, save the money, and have the moment, it will be very delightful if you could realize your bucket list. 

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