What does perfect relationship means? What is the perfect parameter for perfect? It's interesting, right? Since there's no generic definition of perfect relationship, the definition depends on varied interpretations.

Unfortunately, as time goes by, modernization changed the way someone classified the 'perfect' variable on the relationship. Relationshift. Yeah, Relation shift. Parameter of perfect relationship has shifted to a new era. I'm not trying to say that I don't like the technology advances, I learn a lot of digital sciences whether technically or untechnically but the thing is I don't like how technology changes the culture of romance. I kind of hate it.

Once upon a time, when you curious about someone who you really like, you might think of her/him every time, or every night. That's make every encounter very valuable and very important. And when you met her/him, you'll be focused on interaction between soul. But nowadays, when you like someone, you can easily stalk her/his social media. Even Instagram algorithm knows the one who you love. Fck you, IG. Your date/encounter might be full of use of gadget maybe in order to telling your followers with whom you hanging around, and.. something like that. Yeah. 

For girl, most likely the main parameter for dating guy nowadays isn't his personality but.. the level of his fame. It's okay if he's idiot and not really that good looking, as long as he's not a stiff person and he's fame and.. maybe rich. For guy, most likely the main parameter for approaching girl or becoming a fan of a girl is the intensity of that girl on posting herself with her tanktop. It's okay if she's a bitchy person, as long as she wants. See? The culture has shifted. 

On Your Wedding Day (2018)
I really hate this kind of culture. The parameter isn't the 'quality' of the person, but the digital imaging. Everyone can lie on socmed. Maybe she/he is kind of desprate person but always manipulate it on social media, maybe he/she isn't that flawless skin or sexy or.. anything. Dude, the perfect parameter for judging someone is by his/her quality, by their mindset, by their potency, it's not about that stupid and silly digital imaging. Oh come on.........

The culture got shifted, 
the concept got shifted, 
so does the prespective,