Coz Free Trade Is a Fair Trade?

"Did y'all know, in Yiwu, China there's a Tanah Abang with 6 districts with more than 80.000 stores?  Legend said, if y'all stop at each store for 5 minutes, it will take more than 2 years for y'all to explore Yi Wu Trade Market." - The owner of importer organization that I joined. 

Damn, Sun Tzu. 

It's a general knowledge if China is the most powerful country in case of world's trade. There's only one state who could defeat US in the surplus of export-import thing, and it's China. China has always amazed me with every its breakthrough in economy, politics, and technology. That's why learn about China is always prospective. Yeah, and that's why I love to hear Joker Xue's, Eric Chou's, Jay Chou's, J.J.Lin's, and so on. 

Prospect is the most important thing for a mature man, right, kung-kung? Even though I got some prospective intern experiences at some huge tech companies, the art of prospect is still to become an independent businessman. So, to combine the variable of 'prospect' and 'China',  in the beginning of 2019, I registered myself to a commercial importer organization.  They have a storage in China, they will manage all of the documents, and I'll sell the items and multiplying the prices. Easy, peasy, squeezy.

Since the domain for has expired and I forgot to extend it, and since it's no longer really profitable, and since I was just wondering who the F give "Bokangco" as a name for a shoe store, I decided to not continue my online store. Yeah, it's hard, man. Learn to become importer is a good thing because it's prospective. My vision is to find some interesting and unique items, and sell it in Indonesia's Marketplace. But there are some terms that I must know well in case of importing items; HS Code, Latas, FOB Price, CIF price, Bill on Landing, Notul, etc

However, free trade is a fair trade, right? Well it's still become a grand debate about free trade vs fair trade. Like free trade isn't a fair trade, or world's must implement fair trade instead of free trade, but in my case let's just recognize free trade as a fair trade because I don't want to looks very wrong. Don't ever think that importer just damaging the country's and SME's economy. For Your Information, all of importers pay import duty tax (Bea Masuk) for country and it's never a small amountDon't ever think that order some goods from China will only strengthen the noodle bowl effect for SEA, or multiplying the prices is kind of scam, they are all part of free trade and they are all legal. Coz free trade is a fair trade, right?

#2019JadiImportir (?)

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