A Business Trip

A Grand Launching

One of the interesting things about having corporate life is.. Business Trip (BT). Especially, when you're going to BT as an intern. You know, it feels like a facilitated undergraduate student with some compensations who traveled on behalf of business. My first BT was interesting, ah, I love you, Indonesia's green marketplace unicorn. 

Southeast Asia has more than 600 mio populations, more than 260 mio of the populations are belong to Indonesia. It proves that Indonesia is a very attractive market either for the investors or other economic activities. Things become more interesting when we're talking about Indonesia and its digital economy. Based on the internal data, Indonesia has more than 260 mio populations with 143 mio internet users, but only 35% of them have transacted online, and the 65% haven't. And that's why.... there's a conceptualization of Online to Offline (o2o) to reach the offline market and transform it into online. 

So, I bet y'all could imagine what's the look of the offline market? Yeah, 'emak-emak gaptek', 'bapak-bapak gaptek', 'emak-emak gaptek who was married by the bapak-bapak gaptek', and some conventional people who don't trust the internet for shopping. That's the 'content' of offline market. So, to reach those kind of audiences, we need to build an education center. This education center must educate offline people, facilitate offline people, and then transform the offline people into online. Let's call it, 'Indonesia's Green Marketplace Unicorn' Center. Or you can just call it Tokopedia Center. 

'Indonesia's Green Marketplace Unicorn' Center

So, to build this kind of education center, let's go to west java first. Or more precisely, to a city called kuningan and Tasikmalaya. Let's attend the grand launching of that education center. 

Go to Yellow-an City first,
..several days later Going Back from Tasikmalaya

To launch this kind of education center, we need to build a roadmap first. These 2 cities are kind of perfect for the West Java expansion. This BT becomes very interesting because I've never 'really' been to these cities before, and once I've been there, it's facilitated. It's great because I got some insights about the social life of those cities, and moreover I got a very interesting real experiences to see how the conventional people aren't familiar with Online Shopping concept. 

This education center has an objective to educate and facilitate that emak-emak gaptek, bapak-bapak gaptek, and conventional people, to get acquainted with online concept. So, in this education center, we provide gadget, we provide wifi, and we provide some instruments to support the objective. It's very challenging of course because it's not only about how to educate them technically, but also how to gain their trust for shopping online. And of course, it's to increase the 'green marketplace unicorn' new users, TPV and TPO.

We're Talking about Online to Offline

"Bapak tau Tokopedia sebelumya pak?" I asked one of humble middle aged man while helping him to use the app to buy a sembako
"Wah gak tau kang, pernahnya belanja langsung di toserba, lebih gampang." reply that middle aged man.

Mmmmhhh... I smell conventionality. And only in West Java, someone can call you kang although your eyes are orientally slanted.

The conceptualization of Online to Offline is about how the online platfom goes offline in purpose to make the offline people go online. In this case, Tokopedia (online marketplace) goes to offline by built some education centers, in order to educate the offline people about online shopping and develop the online shopping culture for them so they're going online. By doing this kind of thing, this green marketplace unicorn could reach that 65% market and empower them as new users. 

My first BT was very interesting because o2o faces asuper relevant social problem about insightless conventional culture about shopping. Because however, Indonesia has a powerful potency for its digital economy either regionally or globally. To help Indonesia to expand its market share in case of digital economy, we need to civilize the trust, the culture, and the social life of online shopping first. It's not only about how this tech company gain the new users, but it's all about how to modernize the conventionality, and I was lucky enough to explore some insights by a business trip. 

Kuningan, Jawa Barat 
Tasikmalaya, Jawa Barat