Becoming Amoeba Was Thrilling

Hi there omnivorous, I've got a paradoxical mind blown psychological question: what will you do if you have to start your first day of internship at the new company on 27 February but your contract at the old company will be finished by 28 February? The situations become more complex because you can't just ask for a permission from the old company because last week you had asked for permissions 3 days in a row, so It doesn't sound right to ask another permission but hey... this is your first day at the new company, how can you missed the first day? 

There's only one way to face that kind of situation: becoming amoeba, split yourself into 2. You're going to the new company for orientation in the morning, and back to the old company in the noon, and back to the new company in the afternoon, and then you got some complaints from your supervisor like 'where have you beeeeeeen?!'

Becoming amoeba was really thrilling. Moreover, when you did that for not only one but two days. Walau-eh... 

Unicorn - Decacorn
It's cool to having intern at one of Indonesia unicorns, especially when the recruitment process from this unicorn is really selective where there are more than 70.000 applicants every month and you're one of the lucky ones. It was really cool too when you had an intern experiences at world's most valuable startup that has expanded to your country where you need to had 3 kind of interviews and one of those interviews was an online interview with Chinese people from the hq. Yeah, but it wasn't cool to becoming amoeba and split yourself to have an intern at that unicorn in the morning, and went back to the decacorn by the noon, and went back to unicorn, and went back to decacorn. 

It was thrilling, it was lack of professionalism. Although the distance between the old company and the new company is only around 2 km, but in the end it's not about the mobility, distance, or agility. It's all about professionalism, it was really unprofessional when you did the internship at 2 companies at once. It was tiring since you know.. kuningan-sudirman, and it was thrilling since you cheat on both companies and you feel really fak-dap.

I remember when my supervisor at the old company called me soon after I finished the first day orientation at that unicorn: a cold sweat, stutter, blame my self. I remember too when my supervisor at the new company called me to come asap when I was in the old company office. I was really.... fak-dap. This experience shouldn't be imitated, I mean don't implement this kind of experience because believe me becoming amoeba was really thrilling. It's not funny, it's unprofessionalism but.. I've no choice. I don't recommend it, I'm gald that I still alive after becoming amoeba. My last day at that chinese decacorn was a little disappointing, there must be an enhancement for the professionalism. 

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